Occupation Bug (Need Helps!)

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    • Occupation Bug (Need Helps!)

      I occupied a town last week that I can't remove occupation on!

      Here's what happened.
      - I occupied a town that we were at war with.
      - This player just happens to become inactive so I receive this message " Proteinland 12.06.2009 4:15 You troops have cancelled their mission to the city TocToo, as *PLAYER1* has become inactive".
      - After my troops return to my capital, I try to remove occupation from my Palace. It does not work and I receive this message "You cannot abort that occupation, because there are still troops from that city on a mission."
      - No big deal I think.. I'll just send my troops back to that town, then deploy them to a alliance members floater near by. Of course, that doesn't work either and I receive the same error message.

      What can I do?
      There are currently no navy stationed there, no troops stationed there, no actions points being used in or out of that town. This is annoying!


      Browser: Firefox (latest version)
      Did you try deleting the cache / cookies?: Yes

      Server: Gamma
      Your Account ID from options: 71932
      InGame Nick: Cross
      Island and city NAME (no coordinates): Ryneos, TocToo
    • This inactivity of occupied cities is something that really needs to be figured out and fixed.

      While pillaging from a city I had occupied for only a few hours, I got a similar message, "You troops have cancelled their mission to the city ABC, as player_name has become inactive." The little phalanx stayed up though and I had high hopes that my ships may be able to still divert home...

      "A fleet that was returning from XYZ to ABC did not have access to the city and has been scattered. The goods have been thrown into the sea."

      I just don't see it as fair to penalize the occupier for having the city being occupied become inactive. I agree that the inactive city shouldn't continue to be "occupyable," but at least let the current actions expire.

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    • Having this same issue but with different starting conditions. Not at war, person has not gone inactive, or on vacation, or anything of the sort. I pulled my troops out days ago and it's still showing up as occupied. I'll go ahead and pro-actively pm the information about the cities to one of the admins.

      Edit: Ok apparently a couple of them have gone idle in the last day or two...so perhaps the occupation only ends when/if the person logs in? The admin I mailed with the city info is lostdreamer.

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    • Suggested workaround

      Having recently ended a war of occupation, we had to deal with this problem frequently.

      There are times when an association remains to the town from which your troops or ships have moved. After you (or any ally) move your troops/ships from occupied Town O to Town A, the association with Town O can be broken by sending troops/ships from Town A on a mission to another town. The mission can be a defend town or defend port mission, and it is not required that the mission be completed - you can cancel the mission as soon as it has been started. Once all associations with Town O have been removed, it should be possible to cancel the occupation from your palace.

      If you are unsure which of your allies troops/ships may still have an association with Town O, the only way I know of to track these down is to:
      1) determine the city ID (by clicking on a link to Town O from your Military or Town Adviser screen)
      2) ask you general to view the source of his "Allied troop movements" screen and search for that city ID.
      3) have the general tell you (or your ally) which "destination town" corresponds with the "source town" for that city ID (and whether troops and/or ships have the association).
    • My friends and I have found that if an Occupation "sticks" when somebody goes inactive, the "free town" icon stays available too. A player from the island can send in a few soldiers and it frees up the town and cancels the occupation. This may not work all the time but I have yet to hear of it failing.
    • Did you check your palace.

      You not only have top cancel pillage in the field but you also have to do it in your palace. It should be when you do one the other is automatic.