My Ikariam Theta Is my World

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  • My Ikariam Theta Is my World

    Excuse Me My ikariam in theta has a prob

    i cant see Anything And its very laggy And When I click the Show World,Island,Town Istill cant see anything

    But It Is only laggy in The World Theta But on other world is not like that one that not lag i can see anything when i click something it will load faster that the speed of 30KPH moving car ~_~


    Read First!

    When creating a new thread for a bug report please remember to SEARCH first, if you can not find your problem, then please remember to provide the following:

    FULL Description of your problem
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  • Please look, in the future to see if there is another thread on this and also check the official bug list sticky.

    2.Browser Issues: Islands not displaying, slider bars not working, etc (missing island issue)

    First, try to clear your cache as this solves most issues, however, if that doesn't work, disable your scripts, if that still doesn't work, try the opposing browser (Internet explorer people try Firefox and vice versa). Some say that uninstalling your firefox browser entirely and reinstalling it will fix it.

    Also, if you have a slow internet connection, you might come across this issue as well.

    Related Thread with good suggestions on how to solve it: Islands are bugged!