New Subforum for Common Ideas

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    • New Subforum for Common Ideas

      You know the ones: Assassins, New Units, Animals, Taxation, Banks, ... things that keep being brought up over and over again to the point of redundancy. I think we should have a separate subforum for ideas like that so that the rest of us don't have to look at them and the mods can just kick the thread to there when it looks like it's becoming one. You can still discuss the ideas, though, and I think it would help highlight to people which ideas ARE discussed to the point of absurdity in an effort to reduce them.

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    • Two Thumbs Up

      :thumbup: I really like this idea. It would make this forum more efficient. :thumbup:

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    • On one hand, that's what the new rejected idea section seems to be for.

      Unless you want to be able to continue to discuss these rejected ideas...

      I wouldn't be opposed to a lounge section for continued discussion of rejected ideas, but I'm not sure the mods would see any positive benefit (except that it allows people to talk about what they seem to want to talk about : )
    • Mods don't want to hinder fun, any idea in the archive sections is there because no one talked in it for 14+ days. :) (If you have a suggestion for a different time period, then by all means suggest it.)

      Anyway that's a bit off topic. We can see what we can work out with commonly reposted ideas. The new format we're going for should make it easier, and honestly I am sure that most people will post anyway without looking to see if their idea is commonly posted or not (I was guilty of this myself once!), but maybe we can figure out a way to at least try.

      One thing at a time though, it's a pretty big task to redo the entire boards. Bentos and I can only do so much. :D

      One account to rule them all.
    • On one hand, that's what the new rejected idea section seems to be for.

      Unless you want to be able to continue to discuss these rejected ideas...

      See, I was under the impression that the rejected forum was simply that - ideas that were reviewed and rejected, not just simply ignored due to inactivity.

      So basically, the set-up would be this:

      Main Suggestions Forum (Everything starts here)
      - Wanted Ideas (Essentially really good and popular ideas)
      - Rejected Ideas (Ideas that have been reviewed and are flat our rejected / closed)
      - Common Ideas (Recurring themes and variations of them)

      Someone even suggested making a separate forum for suggestions relating to the board itself, which I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to. Even with the prefixes, those can tend to get lost among the rest.

      Essentially, all three subfora would act as archives, so you wouldn't need a separate archive. You can have "Inbox," "Filed," "Approved," and "Rejected" be your general categories.

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    • As for this idea.. I think I'm going to close it... the problem with "common ideas" is that it could easily be lumped into rejected ideas, or often times it could be lumped into most wanted ideas. I'm sorry but I don't really see the point in having another subsection for the ideas just because they appear more often than usual. Ultimately it comes down to the ideas chance of being implemented (most wanted/rejected).. so I see the frequency of the suggestion as irrelevant.

      Btw, Yes, that is what the new "rejected ideas" is for.