Light Ban, Heavy Ban?

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  • Light Ban, Heavy Ban?

    I seen this in another thread:

    If the player is banned and has the red stop sign next to their name,
    yes you can pillage them. Even if they have troops, they cannot defend

    I know if someone gets banned they usually get to go on forced vacation. What is with the stop sign? Is this a sort of light ban and heavy ban, depending on the offense?
  • When you see the "stop" sign, they are just banned for 2-3 weeks or so.
    Unlike the others, they are on Vacation mode because they are banned for a year :dead:
  • Jason u have no idea what u r talking about.

    To answer the opener's questions:
    -Heavy insult bans r 1 day, in which case the player r put into a special mode with a red cross, he is free to be pillaged and blockade, his/her troops will still defend his town, only the player will not be able to be online to move them.
    -Light insult bans r 3 days, in which case the player r put into normal vacation mode, no one can attack.
    -Bans such as non-English message r also 3 days, bashing and pushing is 5 days (might need correcting), Same vacation as above.
    -Real life threats, ip/fleet contact, multi bans r permanent, same vacation as above.

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  • You can see how long someone is banned for by looking on the pillory. Most bans have vacation mode and THAT is the difference in the way it is shown on the town view. :) Bans without vacation mode are displayed differently, regardless of the type of ban or the length.


    To answer the question from the other thread, players that are banned without vacation mode are done so because of the nature of the issue for which they are banned. As you guys have noticed, Heavy Insult bans typically do not get vacation mode whereas Light Insult bans do. There are a few other bans that you can see without vacation mode, but typically bans will have it unless the server automatically removes it due to inactivity (for deletion purposes, as seen in previous versions.)

    At this time we do not publish a list of standard ban lengths and reasons because each case is different and handled individually. The ban on one player for 1st offense bashing may not be the same as the ban on another player, simply because the bans are dependent upon the severity of the infraction as well as the number of times the rules has been broken. However as Crazy4Sand has just shown, by watching the pillory you get a good idea what the common ban times are for infractions (if only a little off on some of them.)

    Hopefully this clears things up a little.

    One account to rule them all.
  • You have no idea on what I am talking about? can't you be more harsh?
    I am sooo sorrry for not knowing the time lengths of ban, I only got banned once, not like you who knows everything.
    Are you sooo sure that NON-ENGLISH messages are 3 days?!
    lol! 3 days?!
    I reported a guy, and he was banned for 2 months.
    that's right 2 months.
    It DEPENDS on what that non-english message contains.