What does you game name mean?

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  • What does you game name mean?

    I see hundreds of interesting game names, and wonder how you came up with it. What does it mean? List your name and what it means.
    Here's mine:
    Eleazar- It comes from the Bible, 2 Samuel 23:10
    He arose, and smote the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand clave unto the sword: and the LORD wrought a great victory that day; and the people returned after him only to spoil.
  • I came up with Xadov when I first started playing Red Alert 2 online. I was just trying to come up with something that was simple, not taken, and sounded intimidating. Plus I think the letters X, D, and V are innately cool.
    I pronounce it ks-a-duv (short a, like bat).
    Pretty much one of the only game names I go by, other than Master Ford for xbox.
  • My name is Daa Bob, this is because, my own mom called me bob once (which is really far from my real name) and the Daa adds a little texture to the Bob. Not to mention it is fun to say.
  • *Wishes she had chosen a cooler name*

    Erm, I was "curious" about the game when I signed up...(If I'd known what I was getting into, I would have chosen "Zephyr" which is the warm West Wind. Me likee!)
  • RE: What does you game name mean?

    Orginally I was Calliope - who was the MUSE of Epic Poetry
    (I'm unable to change my name on the Board.)
    Then I had to delete my account because of problems I had and when I came back I chose:

    She was the Titan goddess of sight. She was also the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems. She was regarded as the deity from which all light proceeded.
    Mother of -- Helios the SUN, Eos the DAWN, and Selene the MOON.
  • Ah, I remember when I needed a username. I came up with Okie since I usually say Okay instead of yes alot. Then I wasn't satisfied with just "Okie" so I though of a catchy and fun to say word, Bokie. Okie Bokie. Now Okie Bokie sounds like a guy who just pokes people alot.(not that I do) Well this names sometimes cheers me up. Okie Bokie, Okie Bokie, Okie Bokie, Fun to say. Well when I was deciding the "Bokie" part, I was thinking of putting in Pokie, but choosed Bokie. Besides, Okie Pokie, sorta don't match. Hey maybe I can change my name to Okie Bokie Pokie. Fits dosen't it?
  • My game name is Light-Giver because translated in latian it means Lucifer (or something realy close, depending on your translater)

    Lucifer was mentioned in the bible as the first fallen angle and later his name is used as the name of Saiten.

    Who new Light-Giver = devil :evil:
  • I'm Covenantslayer really because...

    In old the old sports games if you created a player his last name would be player and i'm to lazy to change it much so I just changed the P to a S so I became Slayer but then since Slayer was taken on almost every game i started to play I had to tweak it a little and and since i liked to kill covenant on Halo I changed it to CovenantSlayer so now on all games i play(Like Xbox Live, Battlefield series, or Battlefront) I'm some variant of CovenantSlayer. Boy that was a mouth full :D

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  • My in-game name is also my_nemesis12
    I chose it because I used it in another game before and I couldn't think of anything original.
    In that game I chose it because I saw somebody called your nemesis. I didn't want to steal his name so I chose my nemesis :P, but this was taken. So I just took a random number:12
  • Yeah, but I wasn't creative enough to come up with a fitting in-game name. Which is sad because I have a BA in Classical Studies. You would think I could come up with something.
  • Eklypce- I have a 1998 AWD Turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that i LOVE!!! so i just changed some letters around and there u have it a unique cool name that means something to me. :D
  • Originally posted by Curious
    *Wishes she had chosen a cooler name*

    Erm, I was "curious" about the game when I signed up...(If I'd known what I was getting into, I would have chosen "Zephyr" which is the warm West Wind. Me likee!)

    I think Curious is a cool name!

    Makes a lot of since when you first start also
    Curious about the Game
    Curious how to play
    I'm still surious about some of the aspects
    I guess we learn as we go!
  • I'm a Tolkien nerd, so be prepared to be overwhelmed with a lot of useless trivia.

    Thalion is Elvish for "the Strong." It was a common nickname for a Man named Hurin, who was instrumental in the Nirniaeth Arnoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears), in which the Enemy Morgoth and his lieutenant Sauron nearly destroyed all of the free peoples of Beleriend. Hurin remained behind while the army of Gondolin retreated, fighting until all his army was destroyed and he was taken as prisoner. He was of one of the three noblest lines of Men in the First Age, of whom the Kings of Numenor were descendant. His tale and the tale of his children is told in the Narn i Hin Hurin, or more commonly, The Children of Hurin.