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    • Circular Message Titles x

      How about we have the ability to set our own title for our least circulars.....I am sure this would solve a few problems larger Alliances face.
    • How about instead of just adding the titles, they also separate them according to category/title in your inbox a well. Its really annoying reading 20+ messages on saying a variation of "CT needed".
    • Yea Circular Message -
      Boxes for
      Regular Messages
      Culutral Treaties
      Resource Requests.
      Or how about when you click "Circular Message" you could just then click a sub category from one of the above
    • Labeling Circular Messages

      I looked for this suggestion and could not find it so if it has already been suggested I apologize.

      I think that there are many people who do not read all circular messages,this may be more of an issue for larger alliances that send many circular messages daily, many of which are Cultural treaty requests. So to help with this I was thinking that maybe there could be a way to label circular messages much like is done with Email, which would allow others to see which messages they should read , or which they should read first. Even if it were a few preset choices for labels. Such as: Cultural Treaty, Alliance News, War, New Member, Important, Trade, Random, ETC... These are just some random examples for preset circular message labels. Ideally it be better if you could write in your own labels, so for example you want a trade you can add your coordinates into the label and those closest to you can choose to respond, But preset labels would work good as well.

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    • Mail Subject

      Would it be a good idea when you send a mail to have a subject of your own?

      I really don't want to see this "Circular Message - Alliance"

      So people can put any subject they like for example

      "SPAM" ; "CT" ; "Important"

      And please tell me the Advantages and Disadvantages and If this idea was suggested sorry for posting one (I couldn't see any idea same as this)

      Thank you
    • Repeat to infinity but also something that badly needs to be added. The real problem is where to fit it because the only plausible way to fit it in is replace the current subject but that has important information in it. Perhaps people could create two subjects, one with a strict limit on number of characters that can be seen easily and a longer one that can only be seen by opening or scrolling over the message.
    • Yes I think it is a great idea, but it isn't necessary at this point. If they ever make a seperate tab for Alliance messages, it might become necessary.

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    • i consider it vary helpfull look at it like this
      your at war get on line and you see 40 msgg's some requesting troops navy ct's supplys if your a supplyer it would be better then shifting thu all of them

      if you have ground troops you can find that easily with out having to dig thu all the junk
      if you need a ct you can find that easier as well
    • I will modify this idea.

      Instead of peple making subjects in the inb-ox near the top of the screen it should say:
      see *then there will be a drop down menu. It will start with "all Messages" but you can change what you want to see:
      Menu options:
      All messages
      Circular Message
      Private Messages
      CT requests
      Friend Requests
      Garrison requests
      Contact Diplomat messages (only available to the diplomat)
      Applications Only available to the Home Sec)
      Treaty Breaches (Only availale for Diplomat.

      Anyway you get my drift.

      And I believe it will be a good add-on!!

      Thank you Carter & Crosswind

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