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    Ikariam team

    • I'm not even going to bother reading this thread, as I bet it's that same old "I'm too lazy to read through all the spam, so I want something ti pinpoint me to the important stuff".

      It's the alliance's responsibility to find their own organization, not the game designers. If leadership has something important to say, they can change their name to something like "VERY IMPORTANT" in all-caps and send a circ that way. That always gets my attention.

      EDIT: If a member abuses the circing powers, then take away his circing powers. Circing is a privilege, after all, and every Home Secretary has the ability to take it away.

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    • Lysippe wrote:

      I don't find it necessary.
      We have an allianceforum in our mailbox section why don't we use it for the spamming and the CT's and the mail only for things that are importent?
      On your allianceforum we can devide the spam and CT or make as much subgroups we want.

      If we just this opportunity (my opinion) as intended we don't need the dividing sections in the mail.

      Hey Lysippe, you here too? ^^

      On-Topic: I think it would be a good idea to have like 5 prefixes for Circular Messages, because it makes it easier to see what mails are important. But then again, I'm in alliances where people don't very much use the CM, but rather the forum or an IRC channel.

    • As I said, this is not just about SPAM!!!!

      Seriously read.

      You can read back and you'll see the problems.

      But let's talk about the SPAM problem. Why should we scroll through pages of CM's just to find that PM you wanted to answer in 2 days? Or you need to copy and paste a CM. People play the game for enjoyment, the interface should not be hard or time wasting, only the gameplay should be like that. GF should be making the game as accessible as possible and not have to manually scroll and load pages, of pages of messages just to get to that stupid message!!!

      Remember bamcbix with that demolishing idea you had. About you don't want to load that message again to demolish each level, I don't want to keep searching and searching!!!

      There is nothing bad about this and helps us all and really encourage it!

      Thank you Carter & Crosswind

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    • heres the difference, this suggestion does not involve something that is the lack of ability of GF, who deletes 1 level of a building, I dont know. This suggestion still requires your searching of messages among circs so that point you made is idiotic at best.

      Whos to say the spam is not part of the enjoyment. Thats not to say that it can irritate the crap out of people but spam, having fun with your alliance mates, chit-chat all of that is part of the game too. Alliances and wars would be a dead part of the game if they were not so again I ask you to give me one good reason to pass this idea. Not that it does or does not belong in the game, that is in the eyes of the beholder but a reason that is undeniably bad or good.

      I can argue that the reason alliance forums were made were for this reason but I won't, I don't use the wannabe alliance forums I use exterior forums that I have made which take time but do the job much better. Their is no reason to argue about one hands down negative reason that this should not be passed until a positive has been supplied. If I were to legitimately suggest the Nuke/chemical warfare I could easily make an argument for why it should be brought into the game, so far nobody has given a reason for this.

      For the pre-set circular titles I do not see how this aides the issue, I can actually see it harming the issue more so because of the people that are complaining about it.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Now tell me where I they not good? Why?

      You can choose from your inbox what you want to see. Like you only want to see war messages, or maybe you need a CT. Maybe your a home sec and don't want to go many pages back just to find that application you got yesterday, cos you didn't want to accept it without members approval. My HS does this, I don't know how painful for him it is to back track many Cm's just to find that application again. Maybe you just wanna see your PM's. Maybe you're interested in CT's.

      It's not just that you don't wan see CT's. Some people have a pain reading PM's or trying to go back to them cos they get lost in all the clutter. Like if I leave it for 3 days and my leader wants to \see a PM. How many pages do I have to go back? Now with my style. Just go on the drop down menu and vwalala. All PM's and only PM's showing at you. A great help!!!

      Thank you Carter & Crosswind

      There's a difference between bravery and stupidity - Cookie Monster
      With a bit of creativity there is always another option - Cookie Monster
      You can get beginners luck, but the rest is all you - Cookie Monster

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    • Circular Subject Line

      Add a subject line to circular mails, possibly private messages as well, so that people can easily browse mail for important things. Even if limited to 10 characters or something, anything is better than it is now. Most people barely play this game much anymore, so looking through pages of circulars of unimportant mail gets very tedious and some dont even bother looking at all except for mail from leaders.

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