Ikariam 1 yr ago - what were you doing?

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Ikariam team

  • Ikariam 1 yr ago - what were you doing?

    Well this is obviously for those that have been here for awhile!

    One year ago...... I was a top 25 total score player. I was a member of what was then called HBR. Believe it or not I had been in Ikariam for a few months, but had no clue was the boards were. I never even registered until the end of August. I did not know who Elmontador was, or Gauntlet. I had never been attacked, nor attacked anyone except for inactives (and in those days islands were full of them)

    See this game can keep going, because my one year ago for next month is a bit more exciting!
    Forever: WLS/BLS/HETRE Diplomat Emeritus & HBR General Emeritus
  • Oh geez... Lemme think... I think that I first joined WLS over a year ago so I must of been in WLS at that point... It was during the first UAA vs. AWC war. WLS, MCS, C4A, and a couple others vs. FURY, AOK (now KINGS), HBR, AHI and I believe there was one more. I had a 50k total score and a 15k military. I was general of WLS
  • i was trying to get the AOK to sign a peace treaty with my first alliance, we were ranked 634, they said only when you get into the top 100, so i worked for that for a long long time, and 2 weeks before we reached the top 100, AOK disbanded, i was so pissed.
  • One year ago I was reading this post

    Originally posted by VeronikaViking
    However, I was most impressed in my dealings with Tarkus of WLS. He is not only sensible but has an humanitarian philosophy that is his guiding principle, and his humanitarianism is balanced by pragmatism and restrain.

    Days later Tarkus sends me and tituspullo RL threats and get himself ejected from the game and boards.
  • Lmfao!!!

    A year ago I witnessed exactly what Gauntlet is talking about! Haha dang that brings back good memories!

    I believe, it's hard to say but a year ago I believe I may have been in the alliance HBR with my good friend August. But then I don't remember Hardrocker being in HBR during that time, or maybe he was. I may also have been in -Focus- with August, but I'm pretty sure that's the time period where me and August explored ikariam together!!!

    I had a 200k total score, most likely less, and I had a 7-8k military score under the old version I believe. I was always fighting battles back then...
  • One year ago I had originally started playing this game, when i had a score of about 10k, I kept getting attacked everyday and just said the heck with it. Nick7461 who is a great friend of mine and also co worker asked me to come back in febuary. So since I have been back, My score is over 700k in about 6 months time. I know thats got to be some sort of record...cause some people here been playing longer than I and Im still moving up the ranks quickly.
  • One year ago I was in a really small alliance founded by another guild I'm part of. My mates lost interest in playing and never visited the boards, but I was following the events of Alpha with great interest. It was fun to read people debating and accusing each other with lying, etc... I remember the names, d2gm, Gauntlet, Kaeros, dedbob, Tarkus just to name a few...

    And at that time I had absolutely no idea that in a year, I will be part of all this drama. It was so distant, I was so uninvolved. Now... just look at me :D
  • 1 year ago I had just been released from the Veronika Viking memorial prison for the criminally insane.

    I wanted to meet others with my same twisted outlook of life, and learn from the most depraved and sick people in the world , so I joined WLS.

    Oh the amazing people I have met and the things I have learned.

    WLS taught me that all our problems and failures can be blamed on Gauntlet

    Elmontador taught me to not be bound by rules and that donating is for others

    Jammy taught me that living in your own self delusional world is bliss, and how to get a 100K total score in less than 2 years.

    Hard digger Ore rocker taught me that it is OK to run from your problems and be a quitter in life

    So many great life lessons learned in WLS. My only regret is that I never got to meet Tarkus, he sounds like a great WLS legend.
  • 1 year ago, I was apart of a allaince TL, I believe we were at war with SDY at that time or shortly afterward. I was just starting to get into the boards and i was more of a isolationist.
  • Lol Miley I do not believe you are actually a girl player...

    I don't think we can all take the suspense any longer as to who you are, but maybe then you are a women. Because you do like power and I assume your adoring the power you have with us not knowing who you are!

    1 year ago I was just like Miley, but sadly I think I was a much better troll. I got my account banned in under 10 posts...
  • Miley,

    I think you need to give them a few more hints they aren't guessing who you are correctly. Going on the Elmo and Gauntlet thing doesn't help them guess. Over the past year way too many of your type have come and gone and came back again. Going on and on and on about those 2 guys is worthless. (Not them but the comments)

    If you like kicking the dead horse here he is:

  • ThePirateLord wrote:

    1 year ago I was just like Miley

    Now your being Nasty. Maybe if I changed my name 8-9 times and joined another 7 alliances, then I would be like you.

    ThePirateLord wrote:

    Lol Miley I do not believe you are actually a girl player

    I don't know why you look down on females, some of the nastiest and most talented players in Ikariam are females.

    The amazing FURY diplomat Firerose
    The ubiquitous board warrior Curious
    The Nasty Harlot
    And my favorite, Warrior Queen who has come back with a new moniker
    and the little board moderator Bentos

    Hail the mighty Females...I am Women, hear me ROAR
  • -VG- Great leader COR but WQ ruined it... So I left. And Miley you sound a lot like WQ by the way.

    -HBR- Member banned me for swearing... Good leadership other wise

    -Focus- One of the best alliances in the game. I went there with my good friend August. By the way this is probably one of the smartest alliances in the game...

    -Fury- Great Alliance... Good leaders and everything left because of WQ influence

    -HH- One of my favorites... These guys are some of the funnest and smartest players in the game. I loved helping them grow and being a part of it. ( I believe they felt the same)

    WLSv2 - I joined here to train new players. Which I have come to enjoy and love. Something I doubt you have ever done. In my opinion what we do here at WLSv2 is a service to the server and by you slandering me you question what we do here!

    I count 6 by the way...

    2 of which I left because of personal problems... What I did with the experience of the alliances is learn and grow! I didn't wilt and become stagnant...

    Over a two year span 6 alliances is not that bad...

    I do not believe the following are as you portray them. They have respect, and to compare them to your self is an insult to them!


    Over a year ago Gina still played this game, and was also one of the most respected females in the game! Along with her sister Harlot, who is also and still one of the greats...

    Please don't tell me you are Gina, That would break my heart ;)!

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  • Sounds like you have a little fixation on warrior queen, whom I always found a delight.

    And I have been accused of being many people in these last few days,and it is quite the honor that most of them are some of the most famous people in Ikariam. I am quite the little ass but I do have some shred of decency in that I hate to implicate anyone for the innocent fun I am having on the boards. I am no one that important but I guarantee that soon I will be!!

    I think my favorite accusation I got in my PM box yesterday is that I am actally Elmontador.
  • Warrior Queen would never stoop to your level Miley. She has more dignity and intelligence than you will ever know. You should be careful before you wake up a sleeping giant. I think I hear the Warrior Queen starting to stir. Yes I think I see a ship off in the distance could it be, she heard someone calling her name.

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  • PirateLord (i love you man, but) and Miley, SHUT UP! Unless you guys are arguing over a year ago I believe you guys should stop. Miley had a thread to cuase hate and discontent in all to herself.

    @ ThePirateLord- time for you to come on home to HH brother :) WLSv2 is grow up, so your job is finished and PM me if you can get a hold of Pyth in RL or if you do want to come on back.

    @ alpha, he is right btw, we are the smartest and funniest in the game, once you get inside boohahaha :D

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  • bfd28 wrote:

    Warrior Queen would never stoop to your level Miley. She has more dignity and intelligence than you will ever know. You should be careful before you wake up a sleeping giant. I think I hear the Warrior Queen starting to stir. Yes I think I see a ship off in the distance could it be, she heard someone calling her name.

    Wow, I have never see anyone so clueless on what is being said. Please read or do the best you can before you make comments.

    And flannelfunk, A sense of humor would serve you well in life, please try to develop one. Grammar helps too

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