1.20 mil account on Gamma

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    Ikariam team

    • 1.20 mil account on Gamma

      I will trade for any world just pm me and we will work it out!

      a little about the account
      7 towns working on 8th capital city has lvl 7 Palace
      4 towns are marble one of each other
      Gen score is 9k
      the research is complete it has 160ships

      PS must have over 1mil points

      any good offers send pm!

      I will give away to the person I trade this account to a 446,641 alpha! :thumbup:
    • bump
      1.88mil Gamma
      450k Alpha
      had a few offers I liked some but some just was not for me the Gamma has 116 diplomatic points in side an world with less then 200 alliances sound like an account a leader need....lol I just want any server if I pmed you about my Gamma then that mean you got an account I like!

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