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      Hello! I am Darkmark8910, General of Templar Knights -TK- and a player on the Alpha server. I am the wealthiest player on Alpha server, with 157,505,078 gold (and in fierce competition with second place, who's about 14,500,000 below that). Here's how I've done it.

      First, I recommend any interested players to read this thread, albeit with a few changes: Ikariam market business guide I endorse the premise of that thread, and urge people to copy what Orbmaster's been doing. He definitely has the right idea.

      In order to rake in money like a banker, you have to act like a banker. And in order to be a banker, you have to consider the following (and yes, this is roughly based off of SWOT analysis for those marketers out there):

      1) What are my strengths / advantages?

      2) What are my weaknesses / disadvantages?

      3) Where are opportunites to further invest?

      4) Where am I threatened?

      This is something to look at every time you log on. Your strengths are your revenues and defenses. Your weaknesses are your costs. Your opportunites are good deals on the trade post, and your threats are other players attacking. You want to grow your strengths, limit your weakness, take up opportunites and secure yourself against threats. The threats are your #1 priority to settle.

      This is where I slightly differentiate from Orbmaster's guide. War is not profitable. It's as simple as that. Order is the most important asset for economic growth, and conflict creates chaos. Instead of adding more risks onto yourself by pillaging other cities for resources, it's best to do it yourself. There's a reason Switzerland's an economic powerhouse: it maintains neutrality. By gaining resources on your own and not stealing them from others, you send a message to them: "Don't mess with me, I won't mess with you."

      The trick here is to ensure they won't mess with you. There's multiple ways to do this, but the first is quite simple: don't give them reason to want to mess with you.

      This is essential to the understanding of moneymaking on Ikariam. Presently, one cannot pillage gold. It's not allowed. Thus, you can stack up as much gold as you want. However, your precious resources you sell are mighty good for the picking. However, if you don't have many resources lying around idly in your towns, then what reason would they have to attack? It wouldn't be worth it. Who'd want to attack you over 5,000 marble if you have 300 phalanx sitting in the town, along with a level 24 town wall? Nobody with common sense.

      Spies are also very handy to have around. Spies can deter most players. If they see they can't even enter your town with spies, then none but the most powerful, pillage-loving invaders will attack.

      If you do all of this, then you can keep yourself safe. But then you ask: where's the money? I'm spending all of my resources on town walls, city upgrades, and new colonies!

      To those in this predicament, have no fear; it's possible for you too. It's important to "peak" your growth at a certain point; stop expansion in favor of selling on the market. For me personally, I stopped once I had 7 fully-upgraded colonies. Where you stop is up to you, and depends on your situation.

      But none of this is cutting expenses. So where do you cut?

      The first... the navy. You have no need of a navy if you have no intention of invading another city; it's unnecessary to have, and very, very costly. So cut it. Destroy your entire navy. Instead, put some of that extra money into building up your treasury and land defense. Your marble stockpile's on land, not water. Also, your town wall bonuses don't touch your navy ships. Think accordingly.

      The second... your resources. If you feel you've donated enough to your island nodes, then simply stop. You don't need all of those workers gathering wood, who could otherwise bring in income. Cut 90% of them. And once you're stopped growth, you only need to produce enough wood to sell on the market.

      The third... your "add-on production" buildings. These are very important. Upgrade them as much as you can. These are buildings like the Alchemist's Tower, Stonemason, and Forester's House, which increase worker production by 2% per upgrade. I personally brought them all up to level 13; where you choose to is up to you. If you have more of these up and running, then you have less citizens working, and less expenses.

      The fourth... your research. You don't earn tons of gold without having reached maximum research. Once you have, CUT THEM ALL! They're the largest expense you have, aside from the navy. Get rid of all of those old men who stare at scrolls all day. They could be sitting at home, earning money instead.

      The fifth... population. Idle populations are the only way you earn money, aside from selling. And these populations earn money while you're sleeping, and while you're not staring at your computer, clicking on sales at the trade post. You don't need 420 workers on the quarry when you aren't selling that much marble in your area.

      Now, don't let me misperceive; it's important to have some stockpile of resources, so you have enough to sell on the market. But too many resources may make your neighbors suddenly take an interest in occupying your town. So fortify your "capital" town, and keep all of your spare resources there, as well as your high-level trade post. It's much easier to manage one trade post versus two, or three, or four. Take my word on that.

      You may be in the awkward position of... "How can I sell? I have no trade ships!" This is understandable. I'd recommend anyone in this situation put a colony on an island with the "Temples of Hermes" wonder, which reduces the cost of trade ships by X amount if bought on that island. It's very handy.

      In conclusion, I have this to say. One, read Orbmaster's guide. He's a smart guy. And two, maintain the peace. War is expensive; it's not worth investing in. Pacifism wins the day in Ikariam Finance. Of course... I'm one of the few who's main goal is financial stability. Whether or not you choose the path of peace is up to you. But I can ensure you, the path of peace is the path of profit. And who has an issue with having more money lying around?