Pinned The General's Pub ( wohooo)

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    Ikariam team

    • The General's Pub ( wohooo)

      The General's Pub

      This pub is Open to all of Ikariam players.

      This is a place to come after a long day of battle, so you can relax and have fun maybe even plan your next attacks or boost of your attacks.

      This pub is where the general and his army can get drunk, write poems about war and sing some songs of Eta word

      This pub is where the Eta women takes the rest of the stamina out of the men and will help heal any war wounds they have and feed their hungry souls!

      The General Pub has it all women, food and drinks.

      So, come one come all and end your day being Merry in the General's Pub

      :12: :P

      Edited per user's request~Tex
    • With the amount of wars and battles playing out this place just may become popular, Firestar69 better not flirt with the men in the pub or I will give you hell when I get home lol. :heartbeat:
    • Ohh Dear General Harley,

      How could I run this awesome pub if I don't flirt a tad bit. :angel4:
      But, no worries hunny I have women for the other general's and their men.
      They can have their pick from a bar maid to a bar wench to a naughty lady.

      I am one bad women :monster: lol but all just for you Mr General Harley :evilgrin2:

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    • RE: The General's Pub ( wohooo)

      To My Dearest Clockhour,
      If your are not a General, then are you not in his army or his alliance?
      This Bar is for all explores of Eta World besides just generals.
      We welcome Leaders, Diplomats and whom ever else. (Need some more Pub help)

      So, here to you an open tab for a week dear sir.
      :cheers2: :cheers: :pirateflag: :wine: whatever you wish.

      FireStar69 :12: :P :heartbeat:

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    • Sascaroth The Naughty Ladies

      Dear Sascaroth,

      The Naughty Ladies love it when you drop in.
      I believe you are This Naughty Ladies Favorite Pub Patron so far!

      :heartbeat: :12: :P
    • sanctified lol

      Dear Sanctified,

      Yes, you may have what you wish here(as long as they are not with anyone else)
      I believe the naughty lady is tied up at the moment.
      I am asking for more ladies to join this pub for you men .. no worries there will be more then you can
      You keep this up lol you will lose all your stamina

      :heartbeat: :12: :P
    • Ryan and your naughtiness

      Dear Ryan,

      I brought in naughtiness just for you!
      But, she might be too hot for you! Careful what you ask for! ( lol )

      :heartbeat: :12: :P
    • Clockhour wohooo stay

      Dear Clockhour,

      Yes, you count in The General's Pub.
      Hang our as long as you wish.
      The more the merry.

      No wine please, your on a diet?? Ohh have you ever heard of the Red Wine Diet

      The Red Wine Diet is a popular choice amoung dieters who are bored of conventional diets.

      Red wine contains an abundance of antioxidants which slow down the aging process and prevent oxidation, when reactive particles known as "free radicals" cause damage to healthy cells.

      Red wine contains resveratrol, a compound found in the seeds and skins of grapes. Red wine has a high concentration of resveratrol because the skins and seeds ferment in the grapes juices during the red wine-making process. This prolonged contact during fermentation produces significant levels of resveratrol in the finished red wine. White wine also contains resveratrol, but the seeds and skins are removed early in the white wine-making process, reducing the concentration of the compound in the finished white wine.

      Resveratrol is beneficial in preventing harmful elements in the body from attacking healthy cells. You can loose 5lbs in 2 days.

      But, the choice is all up to you.

      We have light beer

      :heartbeat: :12: :P
    • Ryan and your naughtiness

      Dear Ryan,

      Bring on your fire-proof gloves. For they say naughtiness is too hot to handle.

      Well, that is what NumaNuma cried to me about while getting drunk in here.
      He went on about how Naughtiness burned him.
      He wanted me to warn the guys!
      If you think you can handle her then.. wohoo to you.

      :heartbeat: :12: :P
    • Sascaroth and Clockhour choose the bar round!!!

      After a long day of pillaging and running over a mouthy player I have decided to stop in for a drink. I believe the sexy Firestar will be so kind as to pour me a nice tall glass of Jack on the Rocks. I would love to tell all about a player with no patience no manners and now no resources muhahahahha. I think with all the loot I have taken I can afford to buy my friends a drink. Sascaroth and Clockhour can choose the beverages of their liking and I will buy 2 rounds for the Pub. Cheers to you all and happy pillaging!!!!
    • My Dear General Harley

      Dear General Harley,

      I would love to pour you nice tall glass of Jack on the Rocks

      Uhmmm that muhahahahha kinda scares me.

      Well, if the player had no patience and no manners, then I guess he had to learn some
      . :adminbat:

      Sascaroth and Clockhour can choose the beverages of their liking!

      I will let you buy 2 rounds for everyone in the Pub. Cheers to you all
      ! :handshake: :cheers:

      :heartbeat: :12: :P

      Ps, You rock thanks for the rounds.