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    Ikariam team

    • :)

      You guys should try asking higher ranking players on your servers for interviews too. Especially those with "flair", it will make them + their friends + everyone they come into contact with want to read XD

      Feel free to use the OGame version for some ideas, and to toss around suggestions here if you have anything that you think will help..

      board.ogame.org/index.php?page=Board&boardID=113 <- ogame interviews area

      Remember of course that we don't want to be exactly like them, but we can take some of the way that they do things and make it our own to fit this comm's needs ^^

      One account to rule them all.
    • i dont do interviews or factual writings. i do fiction and the reads don't really want that so i've basically stopped. Even if i did, i wouldn't be able to write anything because im so busy. I have to do writings over what i have read every week for school and the reports are never under 3 pages. just got done writing a 15 page story (And its only just the beginning) for language arts that i will be writing all year, so that i can finish the rest of it by the 4th quarter. then to throw my massive amounts of Algebra 1 HW (and im in 8th grade btw not highschool) in with that.
    • im always writing. thats what i do in my free time. i've been working on a book since March. ugh. took me all summer to write 59 pages. i just love to write =D
    • Any other journalists still here ?

      We are in a bit of a spot where we need some volunteers to help get the DS back to life.. Kimber is taking an extended vacation.. so if you are interseted in helping out, please PM me or post here and we can chat about your ideas. :)

      One account to rule them all.
    • well im runnin a fever now... if i can manage to think strait i'll try and think something up. I could even do the story i'm writing for Language Arts, possibly. I havn't turned it in yet! i needed to do some final touch ups last night and i was gonna turn it in 2day, and it has to be turned in by tomarrow cuz its the end of the quarter! ugh!
    • Now THAT's dedication!

      May I suggest that someone cover the HUGE merger on Beta between EVIL and HEROs? They just surged past the #1 alliance of the last YEAR in this one merger. And they are some of the most active, combative players of that world. This is big news...and someone should be covering it. ;)
    • i think im gonna write stories for ya but not have them published. it would be excelent if someone edited it. I'm gonna post the story i'm writing for Language arts btw. I'll post in chapters. just a good story for some other writers and editers to read. If some1 thinks that a reader will definatly enjoy it i an open to the idea of haveing it published, but readers have said that they want fact not fiction. And because the story is not Ikariam related, it can't exactly be published anyway if i understand correctly.
    • but i would also have to get rid of something the plays a big part in the plot. Creatures i made up completly by myself. i could be seen as indirectly Ikariam related... if u look hard enough you might be able to find something that may be found in ikariam... but very few. i could post it and take some tips to see how i can make it ikariam related... but it would require me to post the whole part one, all double spaced 18 pages of it. its only four or five chapters.

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