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    • Version & Testserver Discussions

      Greetings community! :)

      As we all know, version 0.3.2 is coming soon. (No, we don't know when yet!) With the update we are expecting a lot of discussion threads to spring up, as we have seen on other communities. For this reason, and also because people have been wanting a place to discuss the Test server, we have made a sub-forum of the General section -> Version & Testserver Discussions <- specifically for these types of threads.

      We hope that you will enjoy this board and make use of it during this time of the update and the period of adjustment in between by giving opinions and discussing stratagem changes. :)

      Also, if you are interested in making some updated FAQs, please feel free to do so in the Ikariam - FAQs and Guides section. (Please only post there if you are making a serious guide.) Any help with creating such guides would be much appreciated!

      As soon as we know when the update is coming, we will post. Until then, enjoy speculating!

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