** Disregard - Excessive upkeep in all towns

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  • ** Disregard - Excessive upkeep in all towns

    Edit: Disregard this bug report. After a bit more thorough investigation into my cities upkeep, i noted that apparently all of my military, except my mortar ships disbanded :3:, apparently, my entire upkeep was in mortar ships. My problems have been fixed by reducing my navy.

    :cursing: Bug: After version 3.2 was launched on my server, all of my towns upkeep went through the roof. This issue has caused my entire military to leave :censored: , and the loss of over 500k of gold :censored: :censored: since the launch of 3.2 on world Delta. With no military :cursing: , and only 300 researchers, I still have an upkeep of nearly 20k per hour :6: (once again, NO MILITARY :cursing: ). Please fix this upkeep issue as soon as possible, I am a sitting duck, as I cannot afford anything resembling a military.

    Browser FireFox ver 3.5
    Extensions: None
    Did you try deleting the cache / cookies?: yes, but this is a game mechanic issue.
    Page where you are experiencing the problem?: Anywhere reporting income of a town, primarily noticed on the Financial page.
    When does it occur?:

    Account Data
    Server: Delta
    Your Account ID from options: 78972
    InGame Nick: Talos
    Island and city NAME (no coordinates): Pick any of mine.

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