Christmas Contest '09

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    Ikariam team

    • Christmas Contest '09

      Ikariam Christmas Contest 2009

      It's that time of year again, folks! :) Christmastime is a joyful time for people of all ages and beliefs/religions, and it's also a wonderful time for community bonding.

      A lot of you may remember how the contest was run last year, and this year will be very similar. Entries to the four competitions (below) will need to be submitted to no later than December 16, 2009 (23:59 server time!) Please include your board username and the type of entry you are submitting in the subject of the email. (No username, no prize!)

      Rules: Each person is allowed to enter each competition with one valid entry (invalid entries will be rejected and allowed to be reworked to fit the competition requirements) but any given person can only win one competition. Additionally, use of watermarks, your username or any other method to distinguish your work as being yours will be grounds for immediate disqualification without the hope of resubmitting, so please keep this as fair as possible!

      *** Note *** For simplicity the below text only mentions Christmas, but can be interpreted as meaning the entire holiday season. The contest is not limited to any specific religion or region, so please feel free to give your own twist. (IE Kwanza, Hanukkah, Eid etc is entirely welcome.)

      Image Competitions


      As with all Ikariam signatures, the dimensions must meet standard board rules of 500px (width) by 150px (height) and be no larger than 80kb. The signature should be Christmas themed as well, but the rest is up to your creative juices. Let it flow!

      Christmas Card

      This part of the contest is new this year and is designed mostly to push you to be as creative as possible. Simply make the most festive Christmas card that you can think of. Please keep the dimensions smaller than 750px (width) by 600px (height) and be no larger than 500kb.

      Written Competitions

      Short Story

      Write us a short story about an Ikariam Christmas. It can be about anything you want as long as it's based on Ikariam at Christmastime. This story should not exceed an A4 page of size 12pt text.

      Poetry for the non-Poetic

      This portion of the contest is especially open to your creativity. You can submit anything from an ode, song or lyrics to a haiku, poem or acrostic. There is no minimum length, but please make it well thought out and relating to the season.

      Have fun and enjoy yourself as you are making the entries for these competitions! Don't forget to have them ready and submitted no later than December 16th (23:59 server time!)

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