Rip prevention

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    • Rip prevention

      I saw as a artists we all make a little thing for us to reconzie our own sigs by the start so rippers of optical and ferios . Cant take our pride and joy work and turn it into there own and treat it as another piece of work. To me when i make one its usually a special reason sides its in my shop . Its the reason it takes up to 2 weeks for a sig sometimes . I like making them special , and if i get ripped i would kick that dudes ares to the rocky mountains
    • It's problably just me, or that I like to work fast. But most of the time I'm finsihed with a sig in like 30 min. I usally have a picture in my head on how I want to create the sig and it normally doesn't take longer than 30 min for me.
    • Oh, you all work fast... I rarely are done under an hour...

      But, there are no way I know to prevent ripping, tagging the artwork is a great start but can easily be ignored by the ripper...
    • hmmm, i should time my next sig and see how long it takes...

      there is no way to prevenp ripping, thus i wont tag my sigs.
      it only looks ugly! if anyone wants to rape, i mean rip, my sig no tag is gonna stop him.
      the only sigs i tag are tut results, coz the tut would be to easy otherwise xD

      i really dont get why the board doesnt have rules against rippers.
      you cant get warned for ripping either.
      thats just crazy!
    • no im talkin about something you mix into the background that u can tell is yours .

      and gunnie i know how the hell do they do it so fast lol ? only sig i got done was lillys and i didnt do much on it just a few things to make them look good .
    • Gunnie wrote:

      Well, I'm pretty sure that ripping is against German law, and therefor prohibited on these boards as well.

      its illegal when one uses a copyrighted picture to make money out of it
      since we use copyrighted pictures a lot to make sigs, we cant demand a payment for it or we could be sued

      rippers are no other, there is nothing in the law or in the boards regulations making ripping illegal
      but that doesnt make it right!
    • D_K is right no warning....
      and as I saw his thread he didn't also said to approve his siggy shop and no MOD's approve it...
      here is my question and bothering in my mind too....
      why he will get warning if he didn't say to the official MOD's to open his siggy shop..?
      does the rules will be apply even though he didn't officially say that he will open his shop and get approval to the MOD's?
    • he claimed to have made the sigs which lead to the conclusion Ferios Agna was a ripper
      thread was closed but that was all the Cas could do

      like I said, you cant get warned for ripping
      its a serious hole in the rules which should be dealt with
    • not here but .org yes pryo perma ban for just mainly that and optical . Ya i want taht dude off the site completeyl i told baby about it cas will close the thread s and if he wants a shop not allow it .