-Alpha Empire- declares war on SOD

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  • -Alpha Empire- declares war on SOD

    I am declaring war on the alliance half the size of mine because of the following:

    The leadership of Sword of Death is made of two members in-game names:born2love and ahed hamdan.They both were in my alliance but they quit to make their own alliance.Now that is normal people have a chnge of heart.But not only that during the same day and the following day in total about 5 members left my alliance.I am pretty sure that those people didnt all just magically wanted to quit on the same date.I think that SOD leaders (above) told them to join thier alliance before they quit from mine.That is why I am ticked off. :cursing: .It is really a fair fight since I have 28 members but have newer members than their 11 member allaince.(Check the average score)

    Terms to end war:

    1.The dissolving of the SOD alliance

    2.Or SOD give my diplomat,general and me a total of 300,000 resources.100,000 each. :thumbup:

    Edit: Spelling

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  • Report of War...

    As you have seen in this wars cr thread it is only my member Lazy farming the Home Secretary of SOD.There will be bigger battles later though.
  • farming :3: now i think thats an extreamly strong word i would say borrowing resources since i am twice as much points as him and im gona attack him in a couple of days

    this is more like the phoney war back in the 1930's hardly any battles.

    and now more ppl are joinig our side+ you are way out of date man i rebeld ages ago
  • Well first of all it has nothing to do with overallscore :rolleyes: .Thats number one.

    Number two I didnt say he was occupuying you still I said he was farming or pillaging you.So that last statemnt of me being out of date was just plain unneeded. :cynical:

    Number three.Gaining more members? :3: You only gained two members.So what are you talking about? :3:

    Number four.Why would you tell me andthe whole boards that your going to attack my member Lazy?Wow thanks for theheads up! :rolleyes:
  • units of the enemy!!!!!!! a little info so you get the idea of the units

    syzlar moves 200 phalanx into my 444 villge and truenightmare sends 100

    syzlar moves 100 archers and tn moves 50

    syzlar moves 100 sulphur cabineers and tn moves 50

    syzlar moves 50 gyrocopters

    syzlar moves 5 catapult ships and 7 paddles

    lazy moves 5 fire ships

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  • I dont understand

    I really dont understand what your last post was about.Can you explain to me why your telling the alpha world how many units my alliance has in ONE of your occupied cities? :3:
  • Thanks and no thanks......

    Well thanks Soldier of War on your comment of us winning the war,it is so true!And no thanks for you offering your support.lol :P
  • Apperntly they like losing.

    I asked the leader the other day he said he still wants to fight.But ill edit that for him:

    We still want our cities occupied.

  • It really is.....but sooner or later he will admit defeat and do either one of those things.But i really hope he dissolves.Well im going to go shout orders to attack :pirateflag: :pirate:

    I dont really care if SOD members see what I just wrote,not much they can do to protect their :glass: :marble: :sulfur: :wine: :wood: anyway.
  • So this war is the result of some players leaving -AE- and making their own alliance and appearently some -AE- members wanted to join SOD. Sounds to me like this is the result of poor communication. True Nightmare is their anymore to this story then that is in the DOW? Seems like there might be. Just a thought.
  • No the communication in -AE- is good.Dont act like this problem has never happned to differnt alliances.Also there isnt more to why I declared war if there was then SOD would have said so.Also did you notice that they never denied my statments in the DOW?

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  • I haven't noticed much of SOD in this thread. I think you misunderstood me True Nightmare. I know this has happened to other alliances. It seems like a ridiculous reason to declare war though. Seems like -AE- is using fear tatics to keep members in the alliance. If someone wants to leave an alliance there are reasons why. If thats your reasoning then like -DA MAN- cleverly stated "the war continues" I just don't see much reasoning to this war. Unless SOD is a threat to -AE- idk... meh
  • I think it is

    So your telling me this:

    If an alliance recruited your members you wouldnt do anything about it?You would just go on with your own thing?

    My guess would be,no.

    And we do not use fear tactics by the way.