Poetry Competition

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    Ikariam team

    • Celebrate its Christmas time
      Hear the choirs sing out
      Remember long ago far away
      In Bethlehem town, they say
      Stars shone bright
      Through the night, the wise men came
      Manger born amidst the hay
      All welcome the baby Christ
      Sing for joy, peace on Earth this day

      One account to rule them all.

      its Christmas in ikariam now
      lets enjoy and decorate the places right now
      let the citizen enjoy in this cold winter snow
      for this is the time for celebration that is what we all know
      put colorful lanterns outside your houses
      all are participating and obviously rejoices
      colorful lighted gyrocopter flew up in the sky
      together with Balloon-Bombardier floating way up high
      carrying large lanterns will light up the night
      that even if your in the quarry you will still have a sight
      Give those in the naval a simple congratulations
      with them your towns where somewhat protected from different kinds of
      Spies oh Spies show yourself for a while
      the town already knows you so please smile
      Hoplite, spearmen, swords and the like
      please enjoy this moment for it only happens tonight
      siege units please rest for a while
      you can add more colors and make the children smile
      The mayor of the town gives everyone a price
      a wealthy life in ikariam to add a little spice
      So lets enjoy this Christmas eve
      even tomorrow is another day still there are lots to give.

      One account to rule them all.
    • Dear Ikariam,
      In this game we call Ikariam
      My heads boasts with delirium
      Which alliance or town will fall
      Well it is Christmas after all
      May they see the Grinch or the heat miser
      May all there military and ships be gone
      Wood, wine, marble, crystal, and sulfur to be spread
      May Santa deliver them all in red
      For it is WAR that happens even at Christmas
      And I love Ikariam and would not want to miss em.

      One account to rule them all.
    • snow fall down to the street
      dock is packed with the fleet
      sailors spend their night
      with wine and a sudden fight
      and everywhere it's a shining light

      barbarians comes to our town
      drinking all the locals down
      dancing out in the open
      until they all are broken
      and fall into dreams midtown

      it's the spirit of gifts and joy
      who have come all the way to Troy
      to spread the christmas feeling
      late to the end of the evening
      and she will stay with her convoy

      One account to rule them all.
    • To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

      You know
      Swordsmen and Hoplites and Archers and Bombs
      Gunmen and Spearmen and Slingers and Rams
      But do you recall
      The most useful unit of all

      Gyros where once so useless
      Rarely were they used
      It's true
      We'd rather use the sulfur
      To build an extra phalanx
      Or two

      Our armies were made of gunmen
      Phalanx and siege units too
      Gyros were all but forgotten
      None were in the barracks queue

      Then one day came 3.2
      And the battle system changed
      GF Santa gave them a different role
      And now,they are totally uber cool

      Now all of Ikariam love them
      They build them in huge quantities
      We cannot live without them
      They're part of Ikariam History

      Yes they're part of Ikariam history !!!

      One account to rule them all.
    • As war breaks during the holiday cheers,
      As the night grow longer nearing the day of new years,
      Enemies pause at the local tavern to share wine and beer.

      The heat of battle leaves with with the holiday brews
      As all sides celebrate another year brand new,
      They even give each other gifts of weapons and armor, too.

      Everyone celebrates during this season,
      Even enemies, for one simple reason,
      Seeing all people filled with joy is really quite pleasin'.

      But alas, soon the holidays are done
      with all side arming their guns
      and waiting for the wars to be won

      And so, the spies lay waiting for their pay,
      the generals' minds are thinking about how to win the day,
      and we, the players, sit at our screens, ready to play.

      One account to rule them all.
    • Look at that my General
      The background so red and bright
      What are you telling me ?

      Is it a Christmas sign
      Like lights and decorations on my tree
      It must be a Christmas General

      Should I choose to ignore
      Just another slow boat to my proxy
      Surely no one would attack me

      Fighting at Christmas
      This is a time to opening presents
      Not pillage ones towns

      I will just do my wine
      Transport all that I need
      Call it a night

      Christmas morn I log in
      I look and am surprised to see
      Where are my troops?

      All my wine that I sent
      I look in my towns and what do I see?
      It seemed to have wings

      This sent waves of anger
      Spreading like rings on the water
      Time to return Holidays cheer

      A hot battle
      A wave attack, walls gone and flankers set
      Oh, what a challenge

      My troops win the day
      And l I send them a lump of coal
      Have a Happy Ikariam Christmas

      One account to rule them all.
    • Ambrosia Christmas

      I thought I was ready for Christmas Day
      When the game called Ikariam came by the way
      The day was sunny the moment was bright
      soon to have Ambrosia would open my sight.
      Oh, for a bit, if only I had
      my workers would be happy,not work hard or be sad
      All of the resources that Ambrosia affords
      opened my game and many a door
      As I set out my pillage all happy and gay
      My towns yelled, "Ambrosia" it leads the way.
      Merry Ikariam Christmas as the troops they did leave
      Hurry back, yelled the towns..in Ambrosia we believe.

      One account to rule them all.