1st colony?

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  • So, I recently started playing this game again, and I'm ready to place my next town. What kind of resource should I be going for? My first town in a wine town; I had always wanted to go all wine towns and just pillage for everything else, but the rules have changed since I stopped playing last and pillaging seems harder now (I actually was forced to use rams! I couldn't pillage anyone until I had siege! I lose units attacking inactives with no army!). Is it still feasible to go full drunk or should I diversify?

    Thanks in advance,
  • I was asked to open this topic but I am leaving it closed. I will expand on my explanation in case anyone else wants more information and finds my previous explanation a bit lacking.

    Having all wine towns is good, but only if you have ambrosia to use or you plan on being one of the biggest most active raiders around.

    You would use the wine production bonus and it would give all of your towns lux a 20% increase, drastically increasing the profit of your account. Then you would use ambrosia to convert wine to other resources you need. If you do this you would want 1 town to have at least 4 warehouses to maximize the amount of wine you could convert at 1 time to wine. You would also want all of your towns to be on 1-2 islands, and be a big donator to make the most out of having multiple towns on 1 island.

    If you plan on being a pillagers you could spread your towns out all over the world to other wine islands to increase your range on pillaging targets and be a big pillager. It is a big advantage for a pillager to have many wine towns, it allows you to use your trade ships to pillage more often because you are not having to use part of your day sending wine to your other towns.

    But even if you do plan on having all wine towns, I would still suggest your next town be a stone town. Having 1 stone town means your wine production ambrosia bonus gives you (late game) roughly 100-200 wine less per hour, but you also save ambrosia not having to convert the wine produced by one town into stone because it is already stone.

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