World wonders

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  • World wonders

    Short overview over world wonders

    Temple of Athene -> The mining of crystal is boosted by 10%
    Temple of Gaia -> The amount of quarried marble is boosted by 10%
    Garden of Dionysus -> The amount of produced wine is boosted by 10%
    Hephaistos' Forge -> The amount of mined sulfur is boosted by 10%

    Ares' Stronghold -> Troops in the barracks and shipyard are 10% cheaper
    Temple of Hermes -> Trade ships are 10% cheaper

    but only on the Island the wonder is on!

    The following two wonders seem to not work:

    Colossus -> Defence bonus for all troops that protect a town of the island
    Temple of Poseidon -> War ships are cheaper

    Blessing does not work for all wonders yet. So spending gold in the wonder won't help.

    (by) Lord Doom
    Fear the Magic!