Relocating Town Using Ambrosia

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    • Relocating Town Using Ambrosia

      I am still in protection. I landed on a sulfur island and I'd rather move to a marble one. (sensible, no?)

      If use ambrosia for relocating, will i lose the protection (pigeon)?

      thx in advance

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    • I don't know if anyone with just one town has tried moving their town with ambrosia, so I am not sure. Though IMO newb protection is lost so early anyway I don't see why that should stop you.

      if you just started your account, it makes more sense IMO to set your account for deletion (in options menu) and start over, keep repeating until you find the island you want. but DO NOT forget the set the old accts to delete or you will get a multi ban.
    • hmmm...

      i saw the option to delete, but i didn't know that i didn't have to wait a week before starting again.

      What happens to the ambrosia i have already purchased? is it lost or transferred to the new account.
    • true, if you have ambrosia already then its better wait till you can colonize. no island is really that bad to start on even if some are better.

      200 is a lot of ambrosia to waste for a newbie acct IMO, but its your money.

      BTW its a dove, not a pigeon lol

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