A gold suppliers trade points score explained.

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    • A gold suppliers trade points score explained.

      First a few defines:
      Gold suppliers = Person that buys goods at 99 gold each from a warrior so that said warrior can use the gold to support a larger then normal army.
      Trade points = Points gained through trade. These are shown in the highscore.

      About me: I'm a gold supplier and I wanted to see if I could use the trade points score to see how much gold I have supplied.

      First I checked to see what the current wisdom on trade points calculation was. I got the following from both the ikariam wiki, this board and alliance mates:
      "Score is 0.009 per item traded and total score is reduced by 10% each day"
      Testing this calculation showed me wildly wrong answers when compared with my own score, and the 10% daily reduction does simply not happen. (The 10% reduction was removed from the wiki but still persists on the boards)

      So I set out to test the calculation in a fairly limited way.

      If I buy 12400 items priced at 99, how much will my trade point score increase?
      60598 = Trade score before test.
      61825 = Trade score after test.
      1227 = Difference in trade score.
      1227600 = Price of buying 12400 goods at 99 gold per item.

      This would indicate that you gain 1 trade point per 1000 gold spent buying goods. However, I could be wrong about this seemingly perfect match so I checked against points per goods.

      1227 = Points gained.
      12400 = Goods bought.
      0,098951612903225806451612903225806 = Trade points per item. The number could be larger but the calculator don't show more numbers.

      Where the idea about 0.009 points per item comes from I don't know, but it should be clear that it is wrong. At least when trading at 99 gold.

      In conclusion I can state that for a person doing gold supply (at 99 per item) the formula to use is ([Amount of goods]*[Price])/1000 rounded down. If anyone would like to test this for lower prices please leave results here.
    • Due to the changes brought by the 0.3.4 version this info is no longer valid. Observation would indicate that a daily reduction is back in and that the calculations are changed. I might post a new version, but don't hold your breath.

      PS: any mod seeing this, please put this thing in the archive :)