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  • Mafia Info(What to expect)

    Remember these are just guidelines to help keep things active/fun in this section. And what can be expected while playing a game of mafia on the boards here.

    Game Types

    Beginner Games --- Normally 7-9 players. Roles usually consisting of the more basic roles such as townie, cop, doctor and mafia goon. These games normally last a few game days, with a rare occasion of them ending in just two game days.

    Intermediate Games --- Consists of 7+ players (Amount varies by the Mod and style of game). Includes more complex roles such as Godfather, Vig's, Serial Killers, Mason, etc. These games usually last several game days and very rarely end quickly. You can expect to play these types of games for at least a week.

    Advanced Games --- Consists of 7+ players. Any mafia roles are to be expected in these games, a few mods even create their own roles. Pretty much this style of game is an anything goes type when it comes to roles and such. These games usually are longer than most games due to the large player base and various roles.



    So you enjoy messing with folks' minds, erm I mean Modding Mafia games. Listed below are just some common tips for modding on the forums here. By no means are they die hard rules, but more like tips on how to keep folks interested in your games and to keep things running smooth.

    -- Expect to be active on the boards for the remaining length of your game. For the most part you should try to do an update/vote count at least once every 24 hours if not sooner (depends on how active the game is).

    -- Most players feel that 24 hour day and 24 hour night phases are the best. However since there are players from time zones all around the world most Mods will do at minimum 48 hours on day as this allows players time to respond to posts directed towards them and what not.

    -- Submit your setup to one of the Mafiaso (Demeter or Zullu) so that in case there is some need for you to be away someone can help cover the game. As well as getting approval to make sure your set up fits with the diffuculty level of the game you wish to Mod.

    -- If you are newer to Modding on the forums try to obtain an experienced Co-Mod, this helps in keeping the game informed and active with updated vote counts, someone to answer questions about the game and what not.

    -- If you wish to Mod a game, feel free to sign up to Mod in the Mod Sign up Thread

    -- Remember it is a game for fun, so even a simple story just explaining what happened during night phase(s) is great. Example: Player X was killed by stabbing (indicates an SK kill)



    -- Expect to dedicate at least a week of active logging in while the game is going on. Most games last a week or a bit more so staying active helps keep the flow of the game moving.

    -- Understand that the game can get heated but to try and not take things too personal. If you believe someone is being extremely rude then contact either Demeter or Zullu and they can step in. This helps prevent two people from escalating a situation.

    -- Try to check in on the game at least once a day and post. More is better but we understand some folks playing are on when others are not thus can not post/talk much in a game.

    -- If you have a role that has night actions (Ex. Doctor, Cop, Mafia, Recruiter, etc) do your best to either send in your action early or during the night phase as quickly as possible. Some like to send in their action when a day phase is about to wrap up knowing night phase will end before they are back, this is encouraged as it helps the flow of the game.

    -- Try your best to obey the rules of the Mod. If they say no talking out of the thread please try not to say things in SpamChat, IRC, or in PM's if you should not be.

    -- Last but not least, have fun. Feel free to joke around and enjoy the games. Feel free to spread the word about mafia as well to those whom you might think would enjoy them.
    R.I.P Carrie

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    Annie's Hope
  • Additional info/Friendly Reminders

    7 Commandments for Mafia Mods:

    1. Thou shalt keep the game going and avoid day phase from dragging too long.

    2. Thou shalt keep up with the vote counts on a regular basis.

    3. Thou shalt not participate nor react to the players' discussions and suspicions.

    4. Thou shalt start day phase on time.

    5. Thou shalt not change the rules midway in the game.

    6. Thou shalt be prepared for the game ahead of time and avoid unnecessary delays.

    7. Thou shalt make an effort to replace inactive players, as well as prod those that may have forgotten about the game.


    9 Commandments for Mafia Players:

    1. Thou shalt not sign up for a game and then disappear.

    2. Thou shalt read the game rules and obey them.

    3. Thou shalt check in with the game at least once every 24 hours.

    4. Thou shalt avoid lurking and participate in the discussion.

    5. Thou shalt play to thy winning condition.

    6. Thou shalt try to be courteous at all times even when the discussion is getting heated.

    7. Thou shalt not edit thy posts; request for a bump instead or double post. (Thou would have known that hath thou read the rules). :P

    8. Thou shalt not get banned while playing.

    9. Thou shalt HAVE FUN!!
    R.I.P Carrie

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    Annie's Hope