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    • Fan Art - Signature Shops Rules and Guidelines

      Signature shops are threads devoted solely to signatures by one artist and requests for signatures made to that artist.

      A Shop Front is the first post in a Signature Shop thread, and should contain the following:
      • Logo - This is a graphical representation of your shop. The logo should include the name of your shop and/or an image. There is no limit to what your Shop Front Logo looks like, as long as it complies with the initial Board Rules. (ie: no nudity, no vulgar language, etc) and is not so large in dimensions or file size as to cause trouble in people viewing it.
      • Introduction - A short introduction or summary is allowed in order to explain the types of signatures, avatars, or other artwork that you offer.
      • Example Signatures - You are allowed up to 5 Example Signatures that comply with the signature rules set of the board. Example signatures should reflect your personal style and give people an idea of your abilities.
      • Signature Request Guide - A small "Copy/Paste" guide may be placed on your Shop Front, so that visitors who are requesting a signature know what to ask of you. Examples of
      • Request Information Include: Brief Description, Color Scheme, Specified Font, Specified Renders or Images, etc. If you don't have a specific list of information you want, please state so.

      If you would like your Shop Front edited, please send a PM to a FA moderator/helper. Frequent changes will not be allowed, but reasonable requests will be accommodated.

      • All board rules will be followed here, at all times.
      • Thread must be in the appropriate section. Threads posted incorrectly (requests or contests in the main section) may be moved by a moderator.
      • When commenting on artwork, please refrain from just a rating, also post comments, and if possible, suggestions to help others to enhance their work.
      • If an image is not visible and someone already posted this please do not post again that the image is not visible unless you have a suggestion for how to fix the problem (correcting the link or the board code)
      • Be respectful towards others and their work. This includes only taking credit for your own work and not claiming signatures that other people have made (ripping)
      • If an image is very large, please post the direct link instead of the image itself. This to decrease loading times some users may experience.
      • Giving Credit: Please remember to give credit to the artist(s) who created your signature and avatar. It shows a sign of respect and gratitude to credit the artist who created your signature.

      Appropriate Posts in Signature Shops
      • Feedback - Feedback on signatures is welcome, please keep criticism constructive.
      • Questions - Questions pertaining to the artist or any of the created works of the artist are appropriate.
      • General - Some "conversation" however keep in mind that this is not the User Introduction section, or the Guides and Resources section.
      • Signature Requests - If you are requesting a signature from a Signature Shop, please use the form that is posted in the Shop Front as the forms may vary from artist to artist. Below is a copy of the default Request Form which can be used in the general request forum:
        • Type [Signature: / Avatar / Alliance Banner / etc. ]
        • Size: [Width x Height] (board maximum for signatures 500 x 150)
        • Theme: [The main theme you want the art to express] (E.g Ikariam, Middle Ages or Sparkles)
        • Render: [Direct link to the image/render you would like to be used in the art requested]
        • Colors: [The main colors you would like the art to have]
        • Text: [The text you want the art to show]
        • Font: [If you want a special type of font]
        • Additional info: [Border, do's, don'ts, anything: tell the artists]

      • Sig Shop owner only - Finished Signatures ~ Fulfilled requests may be placed as a new post in the Signature Artist's Shop in the request thread and/or PM'd to the customer
      • Sig Shop owner only - Free Signatures ~ These are signatures that are made at the artists whim. These may also be posted as a thread in the Fan Art section for ratings or showing off. Free signatures may be reposted after they are claimed and personalized.

      You may not advertise in another artist's Signature Shop. This includes posting a version of a signature that you've created when the request was made specifically to a different artist.

      Requesting art from multiple signature shops may result in denial from all signature shops. Shop owners are free to choose to deny your request.

      If a Shop owner has not posted in their shop for 30 days, it may be moved to the archives by a moderator. At the request of the owner, a signature shop may be reactivated.