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    • CR Section Rules & Guidelines

      CR Section Rules

      War Reports

      • Any time War is declared in the Diplomacy section, a War Reports thread can be created. The thread needs to be labeled similarly to the War Declaration thread and must have the names of all involved alliances in it.
      • Unlike previous "CR Only" threads, you are allowed to post without containing a CR as long as the post contains commentary about a CR in the thread. Any Diplomatic discussions will still need to be done in the War Declaration Thread and will be considered Spam if posted in the War Reports Thread.
      • Every CR posted to the War Reports thread must involve the alliances at war as both attackers and defenders. CRs that don't contain at least one member of either alliance will be considered Spam and warned for before being removed from the thread by a Moderator.
      • If both the War Reports thread and the War Declaration thread goes inactive for a time of 14 days, the War will be closed by a Moderator.

      Combat Reports

      Apart from War Reports, this section is also to be used for Combat Reports. Anyone can post CRs at any time, no matter if they are in a war and no matter how much TD (Total Damage) was taken. (See below for details regarding the HoF.)

      When posting your CR thread, you need to use a format similar to the examples below:
      • Attacker vs Defender
      • Attacker vs Defender - total damage
      • Attacker [Ally] vs. Defender [Ally]
      • Attacker [Ally] vs. Defender [Ally] - total damage and insert the right data.

      Hall of Fame

      The Hall of Fame (HoF) is specifically made to showcase more epic Combat Reports. The current consideration for a CR to make it to the HoF section is a total of 1 Million TD (Total Damage). If you have a CR that deserves to be posted into the HoF: First make a CR thread in the CR Section like normal, then send a PM to one of the section's Moderators and ask them to move it to the HoF section for you.

      Explanation of Total Damage:

      If you lose 3 Hoplite in a CR and your enemy loses 10 Archers but pillages 3000 building material from you, the TD would be 3760 units.

      Cost of Hoplite: 40 building material and 30 sulfur
      Cost of Archer: 30 building material and 25 sulfur

      Total damage would be: 3x(40+30)+10x(30+25)+3000=3760

      Note! These calculations are just an example and do not take into account resource reduction buildings!

      Notes and Reminders

      • In order to keep the Combat Reports easy to read by all, you need to use some sort of CR Converter when posting. We recommend this one, but any CR converter that is up-to-date and legible is fine. (Note: Use of screenshots is fine, but CR converter is preferable.)
      • CR threads and those in HoF are made so that people can showcase their work. Be respectful to one another, absolutely no trolling or mocking of people posting these reports!
      • One CR per thread please. Posting CRs as a reply to a CR or HoF thread is extremely rude and will be warned for either trolling or spam, and the Moderator will remove your CR from the thread. (This of course does not apply to War Report threads.)