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    • Discusion Board Rules

      This section of the forum is intended for serious discussion and debate about various subjects
      (including, but not limited to: Politics, History, Science, Philosophy, Religion and Current Events)

      Discussion Board Rules

      • The Board Rules apply here like everywhere else!

      • One thread per topic! Repeats will be summarily closed by the Moderator. If a thread has been archived and you wish to discuss on it more, simply PM the Moderator for the section.

      • Do not start a thread with a link to a news article or a one-line introduction of an issue with "what do you think" or "Discuss" instructions. Wait to post until you have valuable input about the topic and can discuss or debate one side of the issue.

      • Please be courteous to other members when posting and use spellcheck before hitting Submit. Make sure that your posts are easy to understand and legible. We also encourage you to avoid using "leet speak" and excessive internet slang/acronyms, as well as CAPS LOCK.

      • Do not insult others based on race, religion or location. Feel free to make negative comments about the religion or country itself as it pertains to policy, beliefs and politics; but please respect other posters and don't cross the line.

      • Do not reply to a post by responding in a different colour in the quote box. Not only does this make things confusing at times for readers, but you can inadvertently falsly attribute another poster with your own comments or ideals.

      • It's expected that the topic of discussion will vary a little as it is shaped by your debates and discussions but keep your posts as on topic as possible.

      • Avoid posting only to say that you agree with someone or that their post made good points. Instead, think of some good points of your own or send the person a PM.

      • Do not backseat mod, no matter how tempting it is. Report the post to a Moderator or send them a PM instead of posting only to tell them that they are breaking a rule.