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  • Help and Question Rules

    Help and Question Rules

    Before posting...

    Try looking through the threads on the first page and any stickies or announcements for anything that might concern your issue. Another good place to check is the FAQ section.

    If none of these are relevant to your question, use the Search Tool before posting to ensure that you aren't asking a question that has been answered numerous times.

    When making a new thread...

    Always use a properly descriptive title: e.g "Need help with Trade Post" instead of something like "HELP!!!!!1111" - If your thread doesn't have a descriptive title, Moderators will change it or close the thread entirely.

    Please try and be clear and understandable when you post, while we don't expect perfect English please try and be as correct as possible. Avoid using mass capitals and "leet speak".

    When posting a reply...

    Check the threads replies before you post, repeating the previous answers creates additional clutter and is considered spam. Also steer clear of posting off topic replies or replies that don't add anything constructive to the topic the thread was created to talk about.

    Avoid flaming and trolling people, as well. Please don't mock people if you feel their question is stupid or if they use poor grammar. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the thread/question, simply avoid posting. The same goes for the person asking a question. If you don't like the answer you are given, don't get enraged and flame or troll the person giving it.

    How and when to make an FAQ or Guide...

    Anyone and everyone can make an FAQ or Guide, providing that your information is correct and written in an easy to understand and well formatted manner. Pick a subject that you think will help people to read about, then write a thread in the FAQ section. It will not be automatically visible for you - one of the Moderator's has to approve it first.

    If you don't see the thread visible and have not gotten a PM after 24 hours, send a message to one of the section Moderators or the Super Moderator to ask if you need to edit or change something and to remind them about it.

    Thread Closures...

    Help and Questions threads are expected to be a Question and Answer threads. They have a very short shelf-life and are not intended for discussion or debate. If you have a question that requires a lengthy response or an extended discussion of ideals or game mechanics, post it in General Discussion area instead.

    Once a question has been answered it will be closed by a moderator to prevent spam and clutter. If you feel the thread was moved in error or closed to early then please contact the Moderator that closed the thread and explain to them why you feel it was closed too soon.

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