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    Ikariam team

    • Moderators
      ImperialUser - Help & Questions, General
      Medea - Alpha, Discussion Board
      Gozer - Beta, Omikron, Omega
      polandpoland - Omikron

      Super Moderators
      Sco-Dub-T - Ny, Xi
      Drkangel - Fan Art, Ny, Xi

      Ryelle - Bugs
      Turkeh - Suggestions, Bugs, Feedback

      Moderators (Mods) are the people directly responsible for the boards. They are taxed with patrolling their assigned sections to ensure that the board rules are followed and that the boards are a fun place for all participants.

      Super Moderators (SMods) are responsible for the entire forum/board. SMods are responsible for ensuring that their Mods are enforcing the rules properly and in a completely unbiased way.

      Administrators (Admin) are in charge of adding new staff members and adapting new policies. They are also your link to GameForge, passing feedback and relaying information to you.

      Each section has assigned Moderators (Mods), and each Mod has a Super Moderator (SMod). Your first contact when experiencing a problem or complaint with a fellow poster should always be the Mod assigned to the section in question.

      If you are experiencing problems with a Mod, and you are not able to resolve the issue directly with the Mod, you may then contact their SMod.

      Administrators (Admin) are the final method of contact for this community, and the final step in the appeal process. If your problem cannot be resolved by either a Mod or a SMod, you may then contact an Admin.

      Please note that "jumping rank" is not allowed. If you contact a SMod about an issue on a section or with a Mod, without first trying to work out the problem with the appropriate Mod, you will be asked to instead relate the problem with the Moderator. Same goes if you contact an Admin about an issue that a SMod can handle.