Gold Farming Guide?

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    • Gold farming? Well there are only 2 ways to gain gold, that is either through idle citizens or through the market.

      Starting from the very basics, in order to gain more citizens so you can collect more gold/resources you need to upgrade your town hall to increase your towns housing. Once you have done that you need to increase the happiness in your town. Every point of happiness allows you to gain and maintain 1 more citizen. You can increase the towns happiness by building a museum and filling it with culture treaties or by building a tavern and serving wine to your citizens.

      In order to sell resources for gold you need a market place. The higher lvl your market place is the further range you can see and the more resources you can set to sell in your market place at a time. If you are able to take advantage of it you should hire as many workers as you can so you can sell the resources for more gold then the workers would produce idle.

      There are many other smaller variables and cost effectiveness that can be taken into account, but that is the basic information you need for how to farm gold. :thumbup:

      My buildings guide -- My 0 Military Defense Guide
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    • I agreed with impersila user and my opinion

      basically 2 ways to gain gold
      1=by own tactis
      there are some condition for this given below
      1=Your economy strong(at least average town hall level is 15)
      2=If you have no need to build army than no have and if want than make low cost & expensive army
      3=If your scientists are much more than use less
      4=If you have manage in less ships than not buy more
      1=sale goods at max 9 per resource
      2=Your tradeing post must be 15 in this way at the time you offer more goods

      I think it is helpful :D
    • To become a good gold farm you must take several things into account IE what islands you have, as some resources are worth more than others. A strategy I practice on one of my servers is right from the get go I built 3 marble towns. I must say marble is the most important resources when it comes to gold farming as it is generally worth a lot more on average than any other lux resource.

      Once I had my marble colonies established I proceeded to upgrade my town halls to lvl 20(as this is a costly process, it is one of the main reasons I choose to have so many marble towns to start) as well as upgrading their respective museums/taverns. I currently only have 5 towns, but with lvl 20 town halls I can produce a maximum amoutnt of around 26k gold an hour thats 624k per 1 day. With my resources maxed I can still produce 11k an hour, which is equal to 264k per day , also each resource I produce is worth a fair bit.

      *Please note that I am not counting wine and sulfur(I do not have a sulfur island and I need all the wine I can get)
      Marble - 37944 per day Marble in my area sells for between 9-11 gold per piece
      Crystal - 13008 per day Crystal in my area sells for between 6-8 gold per piece
      Wood - 49272 per day Wood in my area sells for between 6-8 gold per piece

      With all these prices considered and if I was to sell all good collected I would stand to make between 715'176 gold and 915'624 gold per day.

      In conclusion with only 5 towns with lvl 20 town halls I can easily make over 1mill per day, that said resource priced do vary from server to server. I would also recommend investing wood into your resources as every resource lvl greatly helps production also the construction of resource boosting buildings also help greatly.

      *note I also keep a small pillaging army which I use to pillage inactives for more loot :D

      I hope this helps you in your strategy, I have been itching for an excuse to calculate all my resource production :love:
    • two more ways to make gold

      One tactic not mentioned is to take advantage of price differences in different areas.

      If your towns are far enough apart, you can buy low in one town and sell high in another. Assuming you have the resources on hand in both places, you can ship later to keep your supply up where it is needed.

      This works best with wine and sulfur. Sulfur may be in high demand in one region due to a small-scale war, and wine seems to vary more in price by location.

      Also, don't go into vacation mode when you go away.

      It will take some planning, but you could reap a bonanza of gold.

      Sell your goods (except wine) (even at low cost) fire your troops, turn off your production (except enough wine). Nothing bad can happen, now, and you will rake in the gold.

      Your population will drop when wine is exhausted, so when you return you will need a LOT of wine to build it up and to make troops. But it might be worth it. Your wine towns won't lose population, and you can keep one other town supplied with a free trade route if you can stay active. If you use ambrosia, you can keep all your towns supplied with wine with further trade routes.

      Obviously the worth of this idea depends on how much of an effort rebuilding your army and population will be when you return (on the minus side), versus how long you will be gone (on the plus side). If I were to be gone for a month, I would easily do this, and try to log in if I could just often enough to keep myself off inactive status, maybe ship wine to keep my population up. (Is gold production halved the way resource production is for inactives?) If you keep yourself active, you can also receive deliveries, which means you can ask someone with a higher score than you in your alliance or on your islands to ship you wine, and your population will remain up, which means even more gold.