Merchant approach to Ikariam

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    Ikariam team

    • Merchant approach to Ikariam

      Here is my new idea, Basically, you colonize only wine Islands
      But only in Populated areas*-This allows you to sell wine to more people
      Spread apart your colonies, you want to make maximum profit with the wine
      Take a tubesock and fart on it, just kidding :stick2:
      and last but not least build market places in all of your colonies

      On the new World I will test out this guide to see if it works
      Oh and build embassy's for trade treaties, since you rely entirely on other people to make a profit, you want to probably have a bunch of good trade treaties.

      One last part of the theory is use cost effective units in the appropriate environment, yes you can say that this is part noob guide, part way of life. For example start out with spearmen, forget swordsmen for defense unless you can afford them, spearmen are much more cost effective and both units are not made armored initially unlike the Phalanx or the Steam Giant.Also isnt there an advantage to having more numbers in the combat system
      per round if you can sustain them?
      Also, build a hideout and other cost reducing buildings like carpenter and architect office, and make friends with many different Alliances, that will reduce your chance of being pillaged.
      The walls and everything else is taken as common sense, so combine commonsense when it comes to building stuff with this guide and all will hopefully turn out well.

    • I don't think it would be very successful. The main reason being that you rely to much on the market. Its a good idea and may work, but if it does I would assume it was at a much slower rate.

      That being said, it would also open up a lot of opportunities and other styles of game play. :thumbup:

      My buildings guide -- My 0 Military Defense Guide
      * @Lissala slaps ImperialUser around a bit with a large trout
    • Talk to PolisKing on Epsilon. He has 9 towns on a wine island, and 1 sulfur town.

      Wine only accounts are impossible to lay siege to since each towns has its own private wine line. Ambrosia is used to obtain the other resources.

      Wine only is not such a bad idea, but I think you need ambrosia to make it work.