what are FRIENDS are for ?

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    • 1= You got some research points when your friend research a new topic and you got some gold when your friend found a new colony
      2=You can add any one in your friend list
      3=i think you can not attack on him(not Sure)
    • It's pretty much useless to established players for anything other than a friends list to give you handy access to message them and see when they're online. Research sharing only works with players you invite into the game with your invite a friend link and even then it's only 1% of the RP spent to complete a research. Gold bonuses are pretty small and it can't be abused by repeatedly setting up a MWC. The bonuses from it are meant to help new players that you bring into the game.

      You do not get access to a players town by adding them to your friends list.
    • its not as useless as you might think, it is an iteresting tool even for established playuers, it can help the players from oppossing alliances or friendly alliances

      if used correctly, it can be used for cordination, and to learn a targets online patterns and play patterns

      just my two cents

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      Bekofskivitch wrote:

      Thread summary: proposed future e-fight after e-threats over under-inflated e-price of e-rocks.

      disclaimer: this post is solely my viewpoint and may not fully reflect the views of my alliance

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    • So there is no penalty for attacking someone on your friends list? I thought about that and have used it as an excuse to not accept people because they go to the highscore list and see you near the top and presto you have a ton of new friends you have never even spoken to before. lol Its handy for me though, because I am on an island with only my wing alliance buddies, so I can have a couple of them on my friend list to see if they are online and then can tell them when something funny is happening. :)

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