Temple of Poseidon and 11th colony advice

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  • Temple of Poseidon and 11th colony advice

    I am getting ready to build my 11th town and am not sure where to build it. Below are my options, thoughts, and some questions. Advice is welcomed.

    I have 10 towns, on a cluster of 4 islands (all islands are very near each other, in a diamond formation). I have 1 sulfur, 1 crystal, 3 wine, and 5 stone colonies. I have friends on each island who are active players and donate.

    I have enough ambrosia to move 1 colony, but I'd rather save if for use in the trading post.

    I'm pretty sure that I want to make the new colony ona crystal island - I will be rebuilding my academies for RPs and MB points and can use the crystal. The question would be where to put it:

    Placing it on my current crystal island would let me get double the benefit of my donations. However, with the new miracle system, I'm tempted to build it on a different crystal island in my cluster (that is 40 minutes away from my stone island, and 20-30 my other two non-crystal islands). My current crystal island is sawmill 27, mine 22. The other one is sawmill 22, mine 19. However, the second island has a temple of poseidon (my current miracles are Ares and Hermes - not, to my mind, worth building temples for).

    I do a ton of pillaging and I think the Poseidon might be useful. Does anyone know how it works (duration and recharge time) under 4.1? there is one other active donator on that island, so I'd have help getting teh resource higher. Also, I would consider moving my current crystal colony to the same island - that way I get double benefit from donations and can build a second temple and reduce recharge time. does anyone know the recharge timw for 2 colonies?

    If you care to see, the islands are 93,78 (Alpha) and the other island S/SE of it.

    Foxtrot (Alpha)
  • That's pretty amazing! 11th town, wow... I have a question though on the Poseidon temple. When it says 100% transporter ship, does it mean they will get to their destination in an instant? I find it hard to believe... With Hermes on v 4.0 when i had it activated it at level 5, any goods i loaded would load immediately. If Poseidon works the same way, I think a combination of Hermes and Poseidon would be insane. Pillage anyone, anywhere, within seconds with your cargo ships back at town and the loot.

    Well back to topic, if Poseidon does work that way and you can get the Hermes activated, I think those 2 would be epic working together. That's just from my point of view, hope it helped some.
  • I assume it means double speed, but I'd love to hear from someone who uses it. Also, what is the Poseidon's duration and recharge times?

    As for Hermes, I was told that Hermes doesn't apply to loading times that are part of a pillage, so I don't think it will do much good, especially with the double port option.

  • the ships do get transported in an instant, but i havent uysed it in a while so im not sure

    the last time is used then the duration was abt 30 mins,and the coold down was 20h i think this has been changed

    you also have to activate the wonder before loading any thing on to it

    in my opinion. the posiedon is useful mainly for pillaging ppurposes, i mean when using floaters for pillaginf,m they come in handy to transport a whole days of pillaging very quickly\

    or as a guard against a retaliation from the enemy

    if i were you my friend, i wouldnt plant that town just yet, id keep the option for a floater, but thats how i play, and if you really want to plant a town, may i suggest a sulphur town. it really comes in useful in wars

    the hermes is also a good wornder, but its is not very useful as it is limited to your towns only, comes in handy when transporting large quantiites of materials for Gr upgrades

    if you can afford the ambrodia, then may i suggest getting a sulfur town with a forge

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    Bekofskivitch wrote:

    Thread summary: proposed future e-fight after e-threats over under-inflated e-price of e-rocks.

    disclaimer: this post is solely my viewpoint and may not fully reflect the views of my alliance

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  • Under version 0.4.1 of the game, the level-5 Miracle from the Temple of Poseidon increases the ship's speed by 100% (it is not instant). Since a Cargo Ship normally has a speed of 60, during the four hour duration of this Miracle, it has a speed of 120. Likewise, Mortar Ships operating under the effects of this Wonder travel at double their normal speed ... which makes them as fast as normal Fire Ships and Diving Boats! :thumbup:

    Personally, this is my favourite Wonder, and I have used it daily since it was introduced in September 2009. :heartbeat:
    "It is your fate, forgetfulness. All the old lessons of life, you lose and gain and lose and gain again." --Leto II

  • Kralizec! has it right, though to clarify the bonus if for the entire mission, not just 4 hours. But it applies only to missions begun in that 4 hour window.

    duration of Poseidon is 4 Hours, cooldown is 1 day
    cooldown is divided by the number of Poseidon towns with temples you own. (I have been told but not seen first hand that they no longer have to be on the same island)

    If you are builder with a cluster set up, I don't know that Poseidon will be all that worth the cost for you. Though if you pillage or fight from a MWC or from distant allied towns it may come in handy. it also could be useful in long distance trading but only on the way there, I believe on the way back you would be at normal speed if over 4 hour trip to get there.
  • Functioning of the wonder:

    so, the Poseidon bonus applies as long as the mission starts during the 4 hour window, no matter how long the mission lasts? In a pillage from an occupied colony, there are 3 starts - your army leaving the occ. colony, your army leaving the pillaged colony, and the cargo ships leaving the occupied colony. Is each of these separate vis a vis the Wonder (meaning that only if all three start after the wonder activation do they get the bonus?

    Ca anyone confirm the cooldown time for 2 colonies on a Poseidon wonder?

  • foxtrot wrote:

    so, the Poseidon bonus applies as long as the mission starts during the 4 hour window, no matter how long the mission lasts?

    Yes, that is correct. From personal experience, I can confirm that if my level-5 Temple of Poseidon is activated, my units can sail 90 minutes to their destination (a trip that normally takes 3 hours), do a three hour battle, then return home with their plunder in just 90 minutes (even though the Miracle went into cooldown hours before). Similarily, earlier this week I launched an 8 hour blockade while this Miracle was active, and when the blockade was up, my warships returned home at twice their normal speed.

    Best. Wonder. EVAR!! :thumbup:
    "It is your fate, forgetfulness. All the old lessons of life, you lose and gain and lose and gain again." --Leto II