The functioning of miracles - faith and level

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    • The functioning of miracles - faith and level

      I am writing this post to seek clarification of the relationship between faith level and wonder level.

      1. Is the only faith that matters island faith, i.e. the percentage of colonies on the island that have temples who are being faithed up by priests, or does your personal faith matter as well?

      2. Assume a level 5 wonder. If Island faith is 20% and you activate the wonder, do you only get the effects of a level 1 wonder? 40%/level 2, etc?

      3. Multiple colonies on differnet islands with the same wonder - the number of colonies combines for faith calculations, but the effects depend on the island where you activate?

    • How are miracles triggered? Is it from the screen of an island miracle or from the temple?

      Once you ahve enough priests, can you activate it instantly, or does it need to charge?
    • You activate the miracle through the temple, though there is a link in the wonder to the temple.

      the priests need to convert the island faith and this does take some time so no, you cannot trigger it instantly the first time. How long is based on the population of included towns as well as the number of priests employed and the level of the wonder (though you can trigger it earlier at a lower level). once the proper level of faith is obtained then you can trigger immediately after each cooldown period provide faith doesn't drop (due to someone firing priests of building a new temple, etc.)

      you can find a lot of info on the Wonders at wikikariam.

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