Moving army

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    Ikariam team

    • Yes you can, in 5 easy steps:
      1. In your drop down menu, select the town you want to move your troops TO.
      2. Click the "Show Island" button
      3. In your drop down menu, select the town you want to move troops FROM.
      4. In the island view, click the town you want to move troops to and click the "Deploy troops" button.
      5. Choose the troops you want to send and hit the "Move army" button.

      Remember that troops traveling between islands need to load through your trading port which can take time. You must also have sufficient space on available cargo ships to transport your troops. Finally, you will be charged double upkeep for those units while they are loading and in transit, but once they arrive at your other town the upkeep will return to normal.
    • Tried that, no joy

      I tried that and the only button I see is the Transport Goods one.

      Is the fact that the town where the troops are is occupied causing an issue? harbour is not blockaded though

      Or could it be that the island where I want to send troops to has a low level (1) barracks?

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