Military Building Strategy

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    • Military Building Strategy

      If you need to build a military, first you need to find out the citizen number (remember, each citizen produces 3 gold an hour).

      Next, you need to figure out how much spare gold (idle citizen count)you want to keep, for example, gold for workers, priests, scientists, and so on. Next, you need to figure out how many troops you want to keep the town safe (for me, I have about 300 hoplites, 100 archers, and a 100 swords, plus at least 9 rams). My town size for this military is level 16, but I have 2 extra colonies producing the extra gold, one having 300 hoplites. Mainly, my suggestion is that you have an ICC (idle citizen count) in every town.

      The key to finding your gold amount is the town's hourly income. Before dividing the amount, try to seperate the gold count of other towns so you only see the gold being provided by the town you are strategizing with.

      You can customize your military to fit the needs, and also, I reccomend asking alliance members (if you are relatively new to the game) for suggestions on what to build.

      Keep checking your income at all times! (income is in the new gold/finanaces sheet).
    • LOL Why do you have to build archer when you are having Gunners in hand ?
      Don't waste you gold like that
      Just build one ram each city and 1 spear for each city
      By the time They attack you, you have already known what to do next
      Totally wasting your gold
      No one