Trust is now recruiting new members under its name

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    Ikariam team

    • Trust is now recruiting new members under its name

      Trust is currently taking in new members for this great alliance. The Theta world under our great leader macpewter and the rest of the leadership team implementing creative peaceful strategies and defense. We are one of the fastest rising alliances in the world. Trust is accepting people from all over the Theta world and all types of players, be it peaceful or powerful. If you need a shelter, then let us know. Our team is always there where Trust is needed, :love:
      As trust is also a training alliance so you can come and get experience of this game, including all the necessities.. Trading, Growing, Pillaging and so..
      So this indicates Juniors and newcomers are most probably welcome here..

      For more information PM me here on the board, or message one of the leadership team of Trust in Theta.

      • Adequate Donations to your islands..No Leeches
      • Be an active player (active at least 2 times a day)
      • Creative thoughts and happy environment
      • Making good relations not only with peace treaties but others as well...

      geech (Diplomat),
      Pirate King(Home sec),
    • Greetings all

      Yup, Macpewter is a woman. An old, smart woman who can be nice, and can be really tough!

      I love the Trust alliance and all the players in the alliance. We are a diverse group of people from all over the world. We have players who are really into the technical aspects of the game, some who are very knowledgeable about war, others about building strong towns, still others are aggressive traders or pillagers. I personally like the research. The Trust Alliance allows for each player to develop his or her own style except for being aggressive or war like towards other players. Not ok to be a bully.

      The Trust alliance does not seek to make war on other players. We will evade, defend, and will counter if some one wants to make a fight, but we prefer to make peace and be cooperative. In this game I see no purpose in war. It wastes resources and gains nothing. It is not like we get territory or can obliterate a player from the game. The walls rebuild automatically and buildings are not destroyed, so why bother.

      We accept newbies and experienced players and others inbetween. So read our mission statement and our rules and if it sounds like the way you would like to play the game, come join us.



      The Proud Leader of the Trust Alliance, the best alliance on Theta