Beginner question about godly protection

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  • Beginner question about godly protection

    Ya I just started around many high level players, so for the time being I would like to keep my godly protection. When I started, I swear the tutorial told me that if I reach level 5 town hall I will lose my protection, but all the sites I go to for guides keep telling me it's level 4. Anyone care to enlighten me?

    Thanks :D
  • This is from the in-game help. You can see it yourself by clicking the "help" link at the top left of your screen and going under "First Steps - What is a Browsergame?" and then "Godly protection":

    In-game help wrote:

    To help new players get acquainted with the world of Ikariam, they are initially protected by the gods - so they cannot be attacked. You can see whether this protection is activated by the white dove that will be situated next to the town name.
    This protection ends when:
    • The town hall has been expanded to level 4 (level 6 if Ikariam PLUS is activated).
    • The player sends out his troops to attack another player for the first time.
    • When your ships arrive at your first founded colony.
    • As soon as the player becomes inactive.
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  • i can confirm the godly protection rules

    i recently tested a theory about staying undergodly protection and being able to build account research upto cultural exchange

    and yes as long as you stay below level 4( that means a max of town hall level three, and no attacking of other towns, and not going inactive, you will stay in godly protection

    i would strongly advise against doing thesame, staying under godly protection means you are giving up on growth opportunities,

    if you are able to buy ambrosia, then you can upgrade to premium account for the ikariam, and that would allow you to continue in godly protection until town level 5,

    as for the guides, some of the guides also point out the difference between a normal user and premium user privileges

    you can upgrade to premium priviliges buy purchasing ambrosia

    for more details click on the ambrosia icon on top left of screen

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    Bekofskivitch wrote:

    Thread summary: proposed future e-fight after e-threats over under-inflated e-price of e-rocks.

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  • I can confirm the opening poster about the tutorial, I wanted to see what it was so I made an account on the test server and it clearly states that we get out of Godly protection when we either send an attack against a player, plant a new town or when the Town Hall reaches level 5.

    It did however removed the protection when I upgraded my Town Hall to level 4 so there is some errors in the tutorial........ :rolleyes:
  • corneliusphilip wrote:

    Ya the tutorial needs to be more clear about the fact that the level 5 max is only for premium users...

    Agreed though IMO the godly protection is a joke because it goes away long before you are even worth the effort to pillage. You can not depend on it for protection beyond the first few days when you probably won't be pillage anyway, better to use that time learning how to protect yourself with things such as warehouse protection and good hideouts.

    but I think we can safely say :qatc: now

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