Alpha 100k points

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Ikariam team

  • Alpha 100k points

    100k points
    5,5k military
    2,5 million gold
    Already on the futures.

    I would like to trade it with any account in any world (except epsilon and alpha) over 100k points.

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  • i have My account 194k Trade For your Alpha!!!..

    * Name: BloodLust
    * Town size: 20,20,20,20,20,18,2 = 7 towns
    * Player: Gabzkie24
    * Points: 194,392
    * Military: 7871 MS (you can make it 15kMS)
    * Gold: 6,350,875
    * Research: 224
    * Ally: DaWar Send Message

    All Troops are fully upgraded...i really want to play on alpha server..hope you let me handle your account..