My Eta for your Iota

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Ikariam team

  • My Eta for your Iota

    Hi I would like to trade my Eta for your Iota account. Here is my Eta details.

    • Ingame Name: The Gladiator
    • Total Score: 435,297
    • Military Score: 14,189
    • # of Colonies: 7 (including Captial)
    • Rank: 826
    • Any other notes: 160 ships, 16m Gold, 9 ambro

    I want the Iota to be atleast 200K. So if you want to trade Pm me, please

    Thanks Gladiator
  • i have a 340k iota that was stolen and i will receive it back PM me if you are interested so that i know you are interested and when i receive the account i PM you.
  • why did he do that?
    as the account was already given he or she must not have done that i was tired and went offline and forgot to change the email address he or she must have waited some time at least two days but he didn't do that and its his fault. Anyways, i don't have the account yet and maybe not have it so sorry Gladiator i am really sorry as i even didn't know the previous email address on it. Please trade with someone else i am tired of Ikariam! :(
  • as far as i know you get that account like 3 weeks ago from a giveaway thread, then i helped you out when the account got hacked by someone else, now you giving it away again. i guess you sucks at this game since you don't even care about an account.

    Gladiator, just a warning though and for everyone, think again when this kind of guy try requesting account

    Awesome Sig and Avi by : Sanctified
  • oh why are you taking this so serious if u wanna know about my experience then ask me and u know the one who hacked my account didn't know at all to play he got my MS down to 9k when it was 12k and the gold also went in negative what can i do if the person who hacked the account did that rubbish to the account and thanks a lot that you helped me and i am keeping the account now i don't want to exchange i'll play happy?
  • Account is still open!

    @Jugno: Sorry if you still want to trade but I have heard alot of things about you, so I can't be sure if I can trade with you :-/


    EDIT:I'm also interested in Theta or Zeta

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  • Ok guys (and gals), stop with the unnecessary spam and trolling!

    Who is the owner, and is it still for exchange or not?

    Let the owner (and thread starter) contact me asap.