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    Ikariam team

    • With the new version upon us and a new feature that provides us to move our ships faster if we decrease the amount of goods per ship. Now, we all know that our cargo ships don't carry any goods on board when they're sent out to purchase goods from another players trading post, so why would they travel the same speed with 0 goods on board as they do if they had 80,000 goods on board? If cargo ships are filled with goods traveling to sell to another player, they should not come back to your towns at the same speed as they went to the opposing players town with the 80,000 goods in the ships.

      My Suggestion:
      Empty cargo ships should travel twice as fast as they do if they had 80,000 goods on board.
    • Chanses are this won't happen. Simply because they're too lazy and don't feel like making that happen and thena change in shift once you get them there. Also, things that make sense/ make the game more realistic are dead end ideas.... basically lol.

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      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • I wasn't really trying to make it more realistic, I was attempting to base it off the new feature of less goods = faster travel per ship. Clearly this is being more realistic but I'm going after the idea more so it goes along with the new feature.
    • I know you wernt trying but I was also replying to the previous poster at the same time. The idea itself still has little to no chance at being passed. This is more than enough of an advantage anyways.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Yeah, I still would like to see some sort of feature that speeds up empty cargo ships. Maybe not twice as fast but at least faster than a loaded cargo ship.
    • Expansion on the drafting concept

      Perhaps expanding the concept of drafting a little bit further from what it currently is. As the current system for drafting allows you to under fill your ships cargo holds to increase the speed at which your cargo will travel. What i am proposing is that you can overfill your cargo ships by jamming the captains cabin and all other compartments aboard a vessel that normally do not hold cargo. The price of doing so however would be slower travel speeds.

      The current drafting system reduces time by x % by reducing the amount of resources taken along with by y % seen here:
      Time: 100% Resources: 100%
      Time: 86% Resources: 80%
      Time: 75% Resources: 60%
      Time: 67% Resources: 40%
      Time: 60% Resources: 20%

      By overloading ones cargo's i would suggest the times/resources transported to be affected at the same rates as shown above, so for example:
      Time: 100% Resources: 100%
      Time: 120% Resources: 114%
      Time: 140% Resources: 125%
      Time: 160% Resources: 133%
      Time: 180% Resources: 140%

      *****Blue comments are questions or counter points i thought may have been brought up to negate this idea from occurring. Obviously couldn't foresee everything, just thought I'd hit the obvious right off the bat.*****

      Why should they do this?
      It would help ease the burden "experienced" players find themselves in as they will be able to move more resources in a single trip for times when they know they will be away from the computer for an extended period of time; thereby aiding in retaining player contentness about how the number of cargo's is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

      This implementation would expand the imbalance between experienced players and newer players.
      Incorrect, as if this were implemented both new and inexperienced players would equally benefit from this, as newer players would be aided in moving supplies around when they do not have many cargo's yet.

      If your reasoning is about this aiding in the fact that there are not enough cargo's for players to use, why not use the mercenary cargo ships to your hearts content?
      For several reasons, the concept of ambrosia simply further expands the gap in which new players are at a disadvantage in this game. As new players are not going to spend money on the game while they are still new, they will wait until they plan to play this game on a long-term basis. People wont spend money on a game if they are not sure that they'll enjoy it for a considerable amount of time.Mercenary ships are currently used to transport goods as quickly as cargo ships are intended to move. Therefore, what I propose is not a replacement or alternative to using the mercenary transporters. The overfilled cargo's would be moving much slower than mercenary vessels and could not replace the convenience of having additional cargo's that move as speedily as the mercenaries.
    • SHHH SHhh Dont point that out to the Devs... if they see this they will be..

      "He is right you know... yeah.. our bad lets fix it!"

      And BAM the only change is that the cargo ships go twice as slow as they used to lol..... Of course they wouldnt wanna make them faster :P That makes sense lol!

      But I personally like this idea!
    • I would argue that this slightly would take away from the ambrosia benefit but I think that it honestly wouldnt. I, however, will say that large boxes do not fit into small, cramp areas, We are also getting some more ships (with and without the hard cap) so I don't find this idea necessary.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • I doubt it will affect ambrosia ships much. We will never have enough ships, this just allows for more goods to be transported whether one does or does not use ambrosia ships.

      from a" would it work irl" stand point that isn't that important in Ikariam as we have steampunk giant robots and stuff, large boxes might not fit in the cargo hold, but you can always stack boxed on the deck outside the cargo hold if you wish.

      I think this is a great addition to the drafting idea.
    • honestly, I had the same idea in my head, but I couldn't formulate it correctly. So, since it is kind of common sense I figured someone else would say it and do so far better than I could. It wouldn't really take anything away from the ambrosia ships because they are still adding ships.
    • Very decent idea, we definitely can use more cargo space.

      As for realism.. well... just add the word "steam" next to cargo ships and it will upgrade.

      You also put all your numbers and calculations for people who are too lazy to do the maths.

      I'm still kind of worried about the ikariam plus aspect of the game that increases the amount you transport.. :scratchchin:

      4/5 :thumbsup:
    • I do too like this idea, however the formula you use should be iin accordance with the active one
      for y you have resources and time is X well if on the first one as y goes down by 20% each thats how the others should be
      Time: something Resources: 120

      This way its a bit similar
    • I'm still kind of worried about the ikariam plus aspect of the game that increases the amount you transport..

      This implementation would not affect the mercenary ships. Seeing as mercenaries can currently use drafting as well to decrease time it would stand to reason that they would be able to use drafting as well to increase the amount that can be carried.

      When i had first begun writing up my post I was going about it as you said, so that the formula was identical. I realized as i was going that the number had to be opposite since it was going in the opposite direction. (Hm, that makes sense in my head by let me elaborate further)

      The problem with making the formula identical is that percentage wise for the amount you can move compared to the time it would take would be more beneficial to overfill your cargos rather then sending them out normally. Which isn't how drafting works currently as when you use it you are sacrificing the amount that could have been moved over the same period of time. So in order for the benefit gained from drafting to be identical percentage wise it would have to be what i proposed in my opening post. (Again, does that make sense... as it does in my head)

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    • I'm supposed to look at all the other suggestions before suggesting something?
      Don't have the time, was trying to add to the discussion.
      In the short time, I've spent looking at some of the suggestions, I notice you are quite negative.
      This may have been suggested before, but I suggest you take a chill pill and lighten up!

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    • see theres that handy dandy thing at the top of suggestions called the search bar.... damn technology has advanced so much.

      Negative? if you take it that way, I just like saying the truth with no crap in the middle.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle: