Pinned mIRC / Channel Services basic commands list

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  • mIRC / Channel Services basic commands list


    /nick NewNick ~ changes your nickname to NewNick
    /whois Nick ~ shows you detailed information about Nick
    /uwho Nick ~ shows you detailed information about Nick in a comfortable dialog
    /join #channel ~ to enter a channel
    /join #channel password ~ to enter a password protcted channel
    /part ~ leave the active channel
    /part #channel REASON ~ leave #channel with a reason
    /quit ~ disconnects you form the server
    /quit [REASON] ~ disconnects you from the server with a reason (which is shown in the channel)
    /server hostname ~ connects you the given IRCServer (=hostname)
    /server -m hostname:port password ~ connects you to a 2nd irc server by opening another status window (port and password are optional)
    /invite NICK #channel ~ invites NICK to #channel where you must have op
    /kick #channel NICK REASON ~ kicks NICK from #channel with REASON


    /authserv register account passwort email ~ to register yourself (How to register...)
    /authserv auth account passwort ~ to login in your account
    /authserv resetpass ACCOUNT NEW_PW ~ If you set an email on your account you can change your password by entering this command (you must NOT be authed)
    /authserv pass OLD_PW NEW_PW ~ changes your password to NEW_PW (you must be authed)


    !help commands ~ shows you a list of all commands
    !help ~ shows you a help menu

    !COMMAND ~ gives the ChanServ a command in the channel you type it
    /cs #channel COMMAND ~ gives ChanServ a COMMAND to execute in #channel
    !adduser NICK ACCESSLEVEL ~ adds NICK (must eb authed) to your channel userlist with ACCESSLEVEL
    !deluser NICK ~ deletes NICKs (must be authed) access
    !clvl NICK NEWACCESSLEVEL ~ changes NICKs (must be authed) accesslevel to NEWACCESSLEVEL
    !voice NICK ~ give NICK voice (+)
    !op NICK ~ give NICK op (@)
    !devoice NICK ~ devoices NICK
    !deop NICK ~ deops NICK
    !resync ~ synchronizes users in the channel with the userlist
    !suspend NICK ~ disables the access of NICK (must be authed) but doesn't delete his access
    !unsuspend <nick> ~ enables NICKs (must be authed) accss again
    !myaccess ~ shows you a list of all channels where you have access including how much access you have and what setinfo you have there
    !k NICK REASON ~ kicks NICK with REASON
    !b NICK REASON ~ bans NICK with REASON
    !kb NICK REASON ~ kicks and bans NICK with REASON
    !unregister ~ unregisters your channel (you have to be the owner)
    !delme ~ deletes your access
    !topic THIS IS A TOPIC ~ sets the topic to 'THIS IS A TOPIC'
    !topic * ~ sets an empty topic
    !set greeting TEXT ~ sets a greeting which ChanServ notices to every user who joins the channel
    !set usergreeting TEXT ~ sets a usergreeting (only user with access in the channel will receive this message from ChanServ)
    !set greeting * ~ deletes the greeting
    !set usergreeting * ~ deletes the usergreeting
    /ChanServ OPEN <#channel> ~ Openes your channel which means that all bans matching your hostmask are removed and the channel modes are set to default (-irk).
    !setinfo [INFO] ~ sets your infoline which is shown everytime you join the channel
    !setinfo * ~ deletes your infoline

    written by RotvicX at :)