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    Ikariam team

    • Spies and mouseover text

      When you click on the spies building, on the bottom titled Spy on mission. Spy on misson? What's that supposed to mean? I think it should be Current Spy Missions, or something similar.

      Also in the spy building, right below the "Spy on mission", if you don't have any spies on any missions, it says "None of your spies is currently on a mission!" which should be "None of your spies are currently on any missions!"

      Also, in the Trading Port, under the Buy Cargo Ship box, if you mouse over the picture of the head, it says Bonus-Handelsschiffe. I'm guessing this should be bonus trade ships.

      Reported ~ calonkat
    • In the trading port at the left:

      You don't have enough gold! You still need 17 Gold!

      Reported ~ calonkat

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    • Wine Cellars

      Available in 2D 00h
      What an event those annual wine feasts are! The whole town is up on its feet when the best grapes are stomped into wine and when the liquid gold splashes around, the kids have their most fun! With a wine press though, handled by an experienced wine maker, we would lose much less. The winemaster could also care for a proper storage that allows us to let the wine age and mature well! Allows: Building Wine Cellars
      If I'm not mistaken, you use the term "wine press" ingame...
      Shouldn't it be "building wine presses" here? ;)

      Reported ~ calonkat

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    • The first post says report grammar issues or German text here. What do we do about Spanish text lol?

      When clicking an empty town spot on my island, there is some text non-english text there. I have 12 towns already, so I assume the text says something along the lines of I have reached the maximum number of towns and I can't found any more.

      You haven`t met all the requirements needed to found a colony:

      Has alcanzado el número máximo de ciudades y no puedes fundar ninguna más.
    • Trade ships are your island kingdom`s most important asset. You use them to transport your goods and units.


      Reported earlier, see 3 posts above. Ryelle
      There once was a pirate cat
      Who lived in a really big hat
      He loved to pillaged
      Every little village
      and that's why he made PPK

      When ever you'd see that flag
      the villagers would say do dang
      Here come that cat
      with the really big hat
      and all the minions from PPK
    • To expand on the Cargo Ship error - from the Help page:

      The title uses the name "Cargo Ship", but the description uses "Trade Ship"

      On the Trading Port page at

      There are actually 3 different Names used on this page. The first description under Trading Port says "You can hire merchant ships...", then the next title says "Send out trade ship". On the left under Buy Cargo Ship, the description says "Trade Ship". Further down, Bonus-Handelsschiffe: translates as "Bonus Merchant Ships" ( from ) Further down under Transport Capacity, the description says "Trade Ships" in 2 places. When you click on a city under "send out trade ships", it says "Capacity per trade ship" below the resource sliders.

      Since the ships also are used to carry troops, I submit that "Cargo Ship" appears to be the correct terminology in all of these places.

      They may be used to carry troops, but "Trade Ship" has been what they were called in this community since the beginning. ~ calonkat
    • The ingame links can be helpful, but also can be difficult to use, as they are specific to your account (so the link about founding a new colony has your account ID and the site you are trying to found a colony). It would be helpful if you all could include a description of where the text is located like :
      Help -> Art of Warfare -> The Land Battlefield
    • So these days I noticed that there are some grammar mistakes in Ikariam like:
      When you move your troops it would say xxx units are being moved from A to C
      I think that It should say xxx have been moved from A to C
      Correct me If I am wrong, I will search for other mistakes if I found some.

      Thanks Queen Isis for this wonderful Sig Check out her shop! She is a beast.
    • Coding typo

      From the Economic Future description:

      Our citizens are wealthy and the marketplace is spilling over with delicacies from all over the world! The streets are clean and developed, making it easier for building material to reach the building site more quickly. Effect: +10 {$start1}satisfaction{$end1} and +20 max. inhabitants in every town per level of this future research.

      Not exactly German, but I figured I should report it here.
    • Spend your gold and have income…

      One of these two screenshots is lying, or this can only happen in Ikariam’s world, where you can buy goods and earn
      your spent money.

      No matter you sell or buy goods you are always having income...
      ps. May be this isn't a translation issue but just a typo ...
      An advice used to cost a "Camel" once, Now it is free, but no one takes it ^^
    • Browser (eg, FireFox/IE/Safari/Opera/etc -- include the version!):chrome mobile
      Addons/extensions: nope
      Page where you experience the problem?: general overviews allys troops.
      When does it occur?: just saw

      Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies?: :)

      Server: Chi
      Screenshots: IMG_20140820_141819.JPG

      Full description of the problem (Be detailed!): Atteeention? :thubsup:
    • Indianos wrote:

      Browser (eg, FireFox/IE/Safari/Opera/etc -- include the version!):chrome mobile
      Addons/extensions: nope
      Page where you experience the problem?: general overviews allys troops.
      When does it occur?: just saw

      Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies?:

      Server: Chi

      Full description of the problem (Be detailed!): Atteeention? :thubsup:

      That's intended. It's how the drill instructor/general sounds like when he's calling his team to attention.