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    • Default font

      So is anyone else experiencing the same problem I'm having?

      More and more often over the past few days, when I try to post the default font doesn't load and the editor just has a choice of "font family" and "font size". So if I type up a post and submit, it erases the entire post and gives me a red warning saying I need to fill in the appropriate fields. There have been issues with submitting posts where the timeout on the board makes the post go away, but the back button at least brings it back. With this font issue, nothing brings back the post. As I'm typing this, I'm looking at the font boxes and there's nothing selected so I'm going to have to pick something that may or may not match the default board font. If I don't, this post will vanish and I'll have to type it up again.

      Can we please re-establish the default font for the board, so that when we hit a reply button it actually loads the font and we don't have to remember to pick one or risk losing everything we just typed?

    • Ironically, it hasn't happened at all since the other day. We may have just been having router issues that day or something. I seem to recall FB was being an absolute dog as well so it may have been just me.

      Cheers for the responses. :)
    • oh no heather you ruined your post count from the perfect zero to the lousy 2 :(

      anyways it happened to me a few days ago but hasnt happened since as well was it the site or just a few????
    • Yeah, I noticed that too. I was so happy with my 100's of posts and post count 0. :( Ah well.

      And it's interesting to note that I wasn't the only one affected. I was starting to think it must have been just me. So maybe there was a site slowdown that caused the lag a few days ago.