SOTW draft

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    Ikariam team

    • ive sent this to jwa a day after i got assign to handle the competition, just copy paste my draft..


      SOTW Draft

      S.O.T.W. #1

      Theme - Freestyle

      The main subject of your tag must be Freestyle

      Remember to follow the sotw guidelines and rules - Good Luck!

      ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

      • Failure to follow the S.O.T.W. guidelines will result in a disqualification.
      • Please make sure you follow the SOTW rules and guidelines as shown HERE
      • Please make sure your name is clearly visible on the tag. Nicknames and abbreviation are allowed.
      • Please submit your entry with the CODE brackets around your entry's url. This must also include your username at the beginning.



      Source Code

      1. YourName : [img]http://MyentriesLink/Images/SOTWENTRY.png[/img]

      7 day entry and voting will be on weekends, starting Friday 10pm - sunday 10pm(G.M.T)
      Results will be posted every Monday

      ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

      (im having problems about the prizes so im open for any suggestions)
      • 1st place :
      • 2nd place :
      • 3rd place :


      Another Discussion thread for discussion to the theme of the week

      also Id like another thread for the SOTW RULES

      Rules Regarding SOTW Entries

      No images of an adult nature Not will be tolerated, This is not a porn site.
      You Cannot enter signatures that you didn't make yourself.(No ripping)
      You must have at least 10 posts before you can enter.
      You must have minimum of 10 posts in order to vote.
      You may only submit 1 signature per round.
      You may not enter under multiple usernames. This will result in action been taken against the User
      Every signature must contain your username, this is to prevent people ripping your work. Initials(Abbreviations are allowed)
      You may only post entries in the Entry Thread, Keep all discussion in the Discussion Thread/Topic.
      The dimensions of your entry must not exceed 500x250 pixels. (vertical sig 250x500)
      You MUST put CODE brackets around your entry's url. This Must Also include Your Username



      Source Code

      1. YourName : [img]http://MyentriesLink/Images/SOTWENTRY.png[/img]

      The SOTW will begin every Monday Morning and run untill friday midnight(G.M.T)
      You can post you entry any time from Monday Morning to Friday Midnight. Voting will Begin every Saturday and run Untill Sunday/Midnight
      An entry must be deemed to fit the theme to qualify. Entries that fail to meet the theme will be disqualified, The staff's decision is always final.

      Rules Regarding SOTW Voting

      Members Are asked to vote for there top 3 signatures
      You are not allowed to vote for your own signature, This includes using a different account to vote for your own work.

      SOTW Prizes

      1st Place - ?
      2nd Place - ?
      3rd Place - ?


      If you have questions and clarifications about the size format and minimum post to enter the SOTW please tell me and what you think about it.. also as stated on the top of the draft im having open ideas what prizes we would give to them?


      edt:i was hoping to have make a minibars for the winning prices.. ill work on it as soon as im done with my RL today

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