SOTW Entries

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    • SOTW Entries


      S.O.T.W. #1

      Theme - Freestyle

      The main subject of your tag must be Freestyle

      Remember to follow the sotw guidelines and rules - Good Luck!

      ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

      • Failure to follow the S.O.T.W. guidelines will result in a disqualification.
      • Please make sure you follow the SOTW rules and guidelines as shown HERE
      • Please make sure your name is clearly visible on the tag. Nicknames and abbreviation are allowed.
      • Please submit your entry with the CODE brackets around your entry's url. This must also include your username at the beginning.


      Source code

      Source Code

      1. YourName : [img]http://MyentriesLink/Images/SOTWENTRY.png[/img]

      7 day entry and voting will be on weekends, starting Friday 10pm - sunday 10pm(G.M.T)
      Results will be posted every Monday

      ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~


      • 1st place :

      • 2nd place :

      • 3rd place :

      Good Luck to All participants :thumbup:
    • update:

      id like to ask for another thread that only the staff/fahe of the boards can only see for this same post for them to vote.. ^^

      and is there anyway that we could put our new revive FA section in the board portal? so that people can see our revive section and get interested about it. lol

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