Merly, BFF, Sanc and DRK...

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    Ikariam team

    • Merly, BFF, Sanc and DRK...

      Okay guys, so... we've figured everything out... right now, I think all we need is to figure out the prizes for each week's winners in the SOTW... I can... make prizes for the winners... Super packs... basically, a pack of resources, renders, C4D's, Fonts and an exclusive video tutorial... they would also be given a special user bar for a week... Sanc will know what I mean by Super Packs, and me and him and DRK could collectively make them... they wouldn't be allowed to share them... and it would be for the 3 of them... :)

      Can you please set it up BFF... and if the worst comes to past we'll need to adjust things but we need to get going... so let's do :thumbsup: this!

      Extremely impatient FaHe... :)
    • i think giving them super packs for prizes is not quite a good idea matt.. we have the tuts and guides by DRK they can manage to find there selves resources..
      those site put up by DRK has lots of resources. whats the purpose of those sites if we are just giving them resources for prizes, lets not spoon feed them bro ^^

      for the prizes i think as we are starting on this FA revival thingy lets just start it slow like winning bars that they could put on there signature box.
      if you guys dont like the winning bars i made i dont mind if you guys could make your winning bars we can use for the prizes..

      though i like your video tuts matt.. is there a way you could give the 3 winners like like a tv session?

      HEY that's just my opinion were a team arent we? :D
    • Sure Okay, I didn't think of it that way... soon I'll be releasing another video-tut... based on my BSOTW entry at GFXR this week, you can look at it... :)


      NOTE: I was also thinking we could do it like this:

      1st prize- Professional Sig made just for them, a Video tutorial (by me) and a TV session with me...
      2nd prize- Professional Sig and a Video tutorial (by me).
      3rd prize- Professional Sig.

      The Sig could be made by whoever, and once the results have come in, we quickly change it and put there names on their ones... and we will tell them we'll PM them the prizes...

      This then incorporates all our ideas... :)