Can Someone please just do it.....

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    Ikariam team

    • Can Someone please just do it.....

      We have everything ready, can we please just put it in place...?? ?(

      I also suggest we either elect a new leader, or kick out all inactive FaHes...but most importantly can we please get it all ready and going...

      FaHe in waiting...

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    • Sorry mmaatt, things got moving really slow in here due to both Baby being awayish, and then I got really busy with work & the wedding plans. I have come home tired everyday and just getting burnt out energy wise. However, I did see the other thread about portal announcement and this thread too. We now have a new FA Mod in that of DrkAngel. I have no problem if she not only wants to stay a FaHe and also be a mod. I will try to remind baby if I see her around, but I am also on a small hiatus for the next week or more due to work attitudes wearing on me and with the wedding this weekend.