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  • I read that scripts are still legal as long as they follow the rules.
    There used to be a thread that listed legal scripts and where you could discuss them.
    There also are sites like ikariamlibrary etc...
    But I have been away for a long while and sadly theres no more script section and all the ones I used to use are so out of date I dont know if they are that effective/working anymore.

    Are any legal scripts being worked on/updated any more?
    Can I get names of scripts or websites I can search for?
    What old scripts are still working that people find useful?
    I dont even remember all the scripts I used to use, this is a new pc so I dont have them anymore.
  • At the moment, there are no "approved" scripts. When you install a script, you are installing a program that has access to your game and your computer. We are not banning for scripts that do not give advantage, or do not mimic premium features. (Sites that use automated island databases are always off limits)

    Script makers often use other scripts when building their finished product, and one common element to many Ikariam scripts was modified to be malicious. Like modified to start deleting towns and hiding the popups asking for confirmation (while confirming). So large numbers of players, on multiple communities logged in and found their towns disappearing. The problem was so widespread, that eventually the game was rolled back to before the script was triggered.

    Until GF comes up with a way to ensure that a script is safe and updates to that script are safe, there will not be approved scripts. We are still discussing what we can do on this community in the meantime.

    But please do NOT use any old scripts that may have the malicious code, and please be aware that, unless you are able to understand the script code and see what it is doing, you are trusting someone else with some access to your game and computer when you install a script.
  • This is a very big issue, some were very convenient. Scripting was sort of dying out when I left anyway, with most good scripts not being updated, yet they were so convenient. I wish this issue could be resolved and people would get back into the game of making scripts at such times.
  • Greasemonkey is a browser addon that allows scripts to be used. To the best of my knowledge it works fine.

    As I stated (and as ImperialUser stated), the danger is that you are giving game access to a program written by someone else.

    Scripts can (and have) been written to steal passwords, destroy accounts, and generally mess with your ikariam life.

    Most may be harmless, and provide some benefit for gameplaying. But the risks are entirely yours, and should you download the wrong script, bad things may happen. :closed: