SOTW issues

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    • SOTW issues

      Hmmmm... I'm feeling a bit wary of what's going on at the SOTW... lots of tags are being entered, of which quite a few don't follow the basic principles of tag making... (i.e. No depth, bad text, LQ......) I think we should give the guys at more tuts and more psd's, so they can understand how things are made, and have a better idea of what they should be looking for in a tag... for example, lots think that because something is sticking out of the tag, it's "amazing" even though doing that is extremely easy... I suggest either we have a rule that you need to provide a reason why you voted for someone and if they just say, "his tag looks awesome", then we don't count it... or we say that voters (and entrants) need to have a certain amount of activity in the actual FA section because someone with no prior knowledge of anything FA might come up with 300 posts and vote for his best friend, or the person who enters the competition spends no time here, but wins all the competitions and doesn't help here, or try to learn here... so yeah... (BTW, Awesome entry Sanc... love it... :P )

      So yeah, I think that the requirements should be changed a bit...

      -mat 8-)

      (Also, when can you start my section DRK...) ?( I'll be starting my program soon... :)