Easy to find, easy to use, and easy to implement - A link to Ikariam Support ticket system x

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    • Easy to find, easy to use, and easy to implement - A link to Ikariam Support ticket system x

      Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, I read the rules and the Dead Ideas link, but this should very easy to implement and I have no idea why it's not in this game, but it is in OGame (which is where I came from, due to an ad on the side of my game). Just throw a button on the Ikariam servers that says "Support" or "Ikariam Support" or "Ikariam Ticket System" or something along those lines, and links directly to support.ikariam.com. It could be either at the top, or it could be (and probably should be) at the bottom bar, next to "Rules" because when people go to read the rules, they want an assurance from a GO or they may need elaboration on those rules from a GO (and a GO is more reliable than a random person in the game, don't ya think?).
    • now my next comment is my top bar for Ikariam buttons is getting WAY too overfilled lol

      still going to leave my vote where it is because its not needed, might as well add it and need to add it are not the same.

      As per your title Easy to find- it is
      Easy to use - it is
      Easy to implement. . . it would be, sure, but it already is.

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    • Right, but I had a difficult time finding the link to the support site because I'm a new player to Ikariam. Plus, I also mentioned that it should probably be at the bottom bar, near the 'Rules' link, which will make the top bar less crowded and being near the rules represents the section to look for authoritative measures.
    • Have to agree. A support button in the one and easy to find only makes sense. When I first needed suport I didn't know where it was in game. I ended up coming to the forum to find it. Putting it right there next to the Rules button would be ideal.